Wednesday, October 20, 2010

M @ 14 Months

A belated look at 14 months

1. M has a new tooth!  We discovered this accidentally as it is pretty far back so it may have been there awhile. Oddly, this only makes 9.  (B had all his by one).

2. She is a complete chatter box, or magpie, if you will.  She talks all the time and mimics constantly.  Newest words include pumpkin, bow, bathe (batte) and the beginnings of small phrases. I swear, for instance, I heard her say "don't know" today, but that is just silly, right?

3. She is very speedy.  Do not turn your back on this lady as she will be off and into something in a heartbeat.  This is what makes watching her so tiring-- there is no relaxing.

4.  She has an absolutely infections grin and loves to be tickled.  This is what makes playing with her a joy.

5.  Have I mentioned "Ta Da"? It is worth repeating.  M says "Ta Da" whenever she completes a trick (assisted somersault, flip, etc).   I adore this.  I "think" we caught it on tape, and will try to share it soon.

6.  Since my recent absence, M is a bit more attached to her Daddy than previously.  This does make me a little sad, but suppose it is to be expected.

7.  M eats everything.  I have this odd sense that kids don't like meat just because B doesn't eat it much, but  M definitely is a fan.  I know my Dad would have loved to see her dig right in to the pot roast from his farm.

8.  M loves dirt.  She is magnetically attracted to it and dives right in with both hands and will try to get it on her face too if given the opportunity.  She loved the 350 planting  as it gave her great opportunity to get right in the middle of planting, digging and general mess.

9. One of my new favorites is when she pats her bow and says "bow" or pretty.  I like it that she tolerates the bows a bit more now and seems to like them.  Her hair is much longer now, but not quite long enough to pull it back into a ponytail or reach on the sides for everything in dog ears.  It may be because her head is so large, but we keep trying.  Meanwhile, I love the feel of her soft hair and all the adorable pretties she gets to wear.

10.  I did splurge and buy the silly RuffleButts and very much enjoyed M wandering around in them carrying my purse.  One more baby girl dream realized.

11.  M's naps are changing.  She was previously napping twice a day roughly around 9:30 and 3ish.  She seems to be dropping a nap, but not always.  Today, I'm told, she napped for 45 minutes in the morning and then three hours in the afternoon (can barely contain my excitement on that point).  More often though we're getting a two hour nap from maybe 10-12ish.  We shall see how it works itself out as we're still trying for both of them when she appears interested.

12.  In addition to her own language skills her comprehension is improving as well.  If Brent mentions a bath she will head off in that direction and start pulling her clothes off.  This evening she got her shirt over her head by herself which I thought was great.  She will also put things in the trash, sink, or given them to the indicated person after a little prompting.  It is so neat to watch language comprehension develop.

13.  She remains a fan of necklaces, but is also finding stickers quite engaging. I suspect she went to sleep with a few still attached this evening.  She is very cunning about removing them from the sheets herself.  She even tries her teeth sometimes and is quite successful if people are not responding quickly enough.  She also is enjoying her blocks from the Lams more as they make noises when you shake them and do interesting things. (I'll try to find a link later as these are really cool).

14.  I think my favorite part of lately is that she so often goes to B's bookshelf, grabs a book and brings it to you.  She will carefully back into your lap to sit down and read.  Usually, I get to read the whole book through once and then she will take over turning the pages, pointing and talking.  I could do this all day.  She is the perfect lap size and I love books.  I am surprised that she is able to find and select her most favorite books quite routinely from the huge shelves in B's room where we just mix them in when we return them.  I think the current favorites are: The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!Touch and Feel: FarmBaby Colors (Beautiful Babies)The Magic School Bus At The Waterworks (no I do not read all of this one to her), Pickles to Pittsburgh: The Sequel to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and The Sweet Smell of Christmas (Scented Storybook).  I'm not sure how she always finds them, but we read these more often than the rest by far, at least this week.

M is so bright, happy and fun.  Yes, it is absolutely a lot of work to keep up with her and there are occasional hints of two to come, but most of all she is a cuddly joy.  So delighted to have this baby lady in our family and excited to see what adventures come next.


Jamie said...

so sweet, love this post. I can not believe how old she is getting. I cannot wait to hear her talk! I miss you guys.

Debra Dotter Blakley said...

How have I not seen her in these cute little ruffle butts yet? Love the post.

Summer said...

I love reading your updates about Miss M! Maybe it's just an age thing (although I don't remember a lot of these things with K) but it seems M and C are very similar. Point #1, 2 and 3 could be describing Claire. Kaitlin also had all her teeth by 1 and this drawn out process with Claire is KILLING me (she's a terrible teether). #7 is also right on, the girl loves meat and loves to try everything off my plate. #8 also - if I let them out back we have a very small area with some rocks and she immediately runs over there and digs up the rocks and tries to eat the dirt. WEIRDO! #11 & 12 also right on, the nap thing is very difficult and tricky. She probably still needs 2 but it's so much easier (and more fun for K) if we can make her skip the morning one and do something fun. One difference is the books - I cannot make C sit down to read a book to save my life. It's really sad for me, K LOVED to read and still does and I worry about Claire and her obvious disinterest in it. She is just too busy to slow down. I might need to try those scented books you talk about. She definitely shows the most interest in ones that have textures to feel, so maybe she needs more interaction? And could this possibly be the longest comment in blog history? ;-) Would love to see these 2 girls together sometime!

Jennifer said...

She sounds very much like another little girl I know, one who recently turned 9. How can that be? It seems like yesterday that my J was just as you descrbed your M....they are so precious!


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