Saturday, January 2, 2010

December Daily: Day 19 - Part II: Blakley Family Christmas

Part II began our first round of Christmas celebrations.  Audra thought she would be working on Christmas so she and Zach flew in early to celebrate with us in advance.  My Grandpa joined our circle just as the Christmas Tea ended and left just prior to presents, but got to share in an afternoon of merriment with our crew.  In the evening, we opened presents.  The best part, by far, was watching B open his gifts.  His level of sheer excitement and joy was unparalleled.  I so wish I was that excited about life.  It is just a joy to behold.  For instance, when he got his often dreamed of Buzz Lightyear PJs, he insisted on changing into them immediately.  He also enjoyed  the Flip Camcorders that each of my siblings and I bought each other. (Yes, this means there will likely be more video on the blog soon, possibly including a Christmas Day montage from our White Christmas... once we figure out how best to do that). Meanwhile, I'm not sure B "gets" that they are video versus still cameras, which made it even more entertaining. 

I experimented in getting multiple people the same thing this year so there was also lots of discussion of The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl, which I had purchased for several people.  My favorite present to receive was lots of Pjs (maybe this is where B gets it?) Maggie got an adorable onesie with built in tutu and lots of other fun clothes. Zach loved the Cat machine he got B almost as much as B.  Brent, at last, has a tool box too. My Mom's friend sent her a book that she had created of her blog poems from the last year so we wound up the evening with some dramatic readings, particularly the Popcorn Poem.

It was lots of fun, thanks largely to Christmas through the eyes of an almost three-year-old and a great way to begin our Christmas adventures together. 

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