Friday, January 1, 2010

December Daily: Day 19 - Part I: Christmas Tea

Part I - Christmas Tea
  We had intended to have the Christmas Tea after Christmas as usual, but when we realized my sister would miss it we threw together a quick version with the old crew-- all save Anna had been coming for oh, maybe 15+ years give or take. Sarah's mom was able to come this year for the first time and helped my mom with Grandma duty (read: holding and snuggling babies). I so hope the other moms can come again in the future. 

I think maybe throwing it together at the last minute is the way to go.  We invited everyone to bring something which eased the cooking burden and when the magic mushrooms were a bit toasty, I kept  my Type A personality at bay and just ate them as is, unassembled rather than staying up all night re-making and assembling them ( I have an infant and am not THAT crazy these days).  Also, we had three new babies making their Christmas Tea debut - Maggie (who put on her Chirstmas duds for the occasion--- so incredibly cute, but I may be biased), Andrew, and Sarah's niece Khloe who I was lucky to meet for the first time.                            

We did our semi-traditional ornament exchange followed by our very traditional crafting.  This year, we happened upon gingerbread house decorating kits as we did some last minute shopping and scooped up three sets.  We divided into teams and had a wonderful time. I love that the houses all ended up so different and each was beautiful.  Mostly, we sipped our Christmas Tea punch, ate our goodies, caught up on everyone's babies, families, jobs, etc and had a wonderful time!  We finished up with our photoshoots in front of the Christmas tree.  I really should collect these up someday and see how many we can find. (Scrapbooker at heart is imagining a Christmas Tea mini-album or some such...) I love these ladies and was so glad they could come on short notice.  Thanks to everyone for their help and for sharing the day with us!
Oh, and Sarah got Maggie her first fabulous tutu for Christmas to round out the day!

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