Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rouse/Richards Easter Doings

On Saturday, we spent a lovely afternoon cooking, eating and playing with the Richards/Rouse crew.  It started by spending an enjoyable several hours of cooking off and on with Marilyn, Jamie, Suzi and others that filtered in and out.  The SIX great-grandchildren had a great time playing with each other and plenty of adult attention to keep them going.

After dinner, they had the traditional egg hunt preceded by another attempt at a group photo.  I've included the slide show for your enjoyment.  You will notice that Maggie is nowhere to be seen. I believe she is in with the lady-folk, but no clue why neither Brent or I went and got her for this.  The second slide-show is the outtakes from the egg-hunt.  John and Brendan were a bit more up to speed on egg-hunting this year and everyone seemed to have a fabulous time.  I think Bill in bunny ears was one of my favorite parts.  Enjoy the shows and thanks to the whole family for a wonderful afternoon!

For those that would like to see all our Easter pictures, they are available in our April 2010 Picasa Album.  The second part of our Easter story will be coming soon!

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