Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Maggie had her first tiny taste of chocolate today (early, I know) but the sweet owner of Cupcakes to Go Go treated her.  She was, of course, quite a fan of it.

2. B has mastered putting his arms in and buckling the top buckle of his car seat.  This is a huge help and apparently fun.  Yes, he could be in a regular booster and is in Brent's car, but the safety crazy person I am still has him in a 5 point harness version in my car.  It is transformable and someday I'll do it....

3. I think I mentioned previously that M is waving (if not my apologies as it has been weeks).  One of the high points of my day is when Brent comes in at night.  Her face lights up and she gives a big wave.  She seems to even associate it with Bye Bye as well as when we were leaving the gym saying bye she just kept waving!  She has two versions.  I big open wave and more of a curved princess wave. So cute!

4.  Lady M had a big fever this weekend.  It hit 103.7 on Friday evening and stayed in the 102-103 range through most of Sunday.  Such a sad sad baby girl.  She got lots of cool bathes and snuggles, but doesn't really seem to have any other symptoms so I'm not sure what was going on and is much better now.

5. I am starting to get the hang of the doing baby girl hair thing (maybe?) It is now part of our daily ritual to have it brushed and pulled back out of her eyes.  You can see today's attempt here. (I chose this one so you can see her clapping too).  I love it.

6.  We had our first food from the garden today beyond the random herbs I've been snipping.  Here you can see the salad made from our own lettuce, spinach and beet leaves.  (We were thinking an cluster of beets).  It was tasty.  Brent said it was earthy.  B was super excited to pick it, but still not quite THAT excited to eat it. Will cling to the moment that he was, at least briefly, super excited about lettuce.

7.  We did a bit more planting today as well.  B and I added two hills of bush cucumber, and two hills of bush-type acorn squash.  I still have hope for two hills of yellow squash, but keep forgetting to order the bush kind online.  We added another row of beets as our first planting didn't go as well as I'd like. In happy news, we also planted two tall varieties of flowers in the back row for some color and maybe even cuttings for inside.  A couple weeks ago, we planted six strawberry plants, a row of parsnips, two chard plants (as a rather thin group came up when we planted).  We added two chives plants, a basil plant (in its own pot) and a rosemary plant as well to replace the one in the front bed that had gotten crowded out. All that is left to plant is one tomato and the yellow squash.  Then, on to mulching and maybe even some pre-emergent for the weeds.  So far it is looking great!

8. We've been trying to teach B how healthy food, sleep and exercise are good for our bodies.  Today, he took a jog around the cul de sac and back.  He informed Brent when he arrived home that he does his exercising outside (unlike Mama who goes to they gym).  I have a whole series of these running photos that I can already see as a scrapbook page. Yes, he is barefoot, of course, this is my kid, right?

9.  We went to the Zoo with Bill and Marilyn on Sunday.  So much fun that it will get its own post.

10. We (and by we, I largely mean Brent, my resident tech support) also spent part of the weekend setting up my new workstation. GW sent me all new gear (monitor, laptop, docking station, etc...). I have been using a laptop, primarily, for years so this massive widescreen monitor phenomenal.  I am also actually working at a desk for the first time in awhile which is interesting.  The best part may be that the VPN (virtual private network allowing me to access GW's servers remotely) actually works now!  Yippee.  Once we finish the migration of some files it is going to be a whole new experience.  I do enjoy some new toys!

Hope you all have a great week and with any luck I'll have several new posts up for you soon!


DebB said...

I love the jogging pic! The glasses, no shoes, arms up and pumping...love it.

Audra said...

Is Brendan wearing capri's in that picture? He is pretty stylish!

abbeyviolet said...

He is absolutely not wearing capris--- he is just, as he informs me, growing!


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