Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maggie at 8 Months

It is hard to remember what I've already posted about and really I sort of don't think these monthly recaps are really my style, but maybe I can make it to a year or so? (Neglecting, of course, that I combined months 6 & 7). Here are things I remember and enjoyed:
  • Crawling - - She skipped the army-crawl phase that B spent so much time in and is actually quite speedy.  She can and will get to wherever she wants to be.  I would say she reached relative proficiency just after we returned from Vegas (so mid-month)
  • Waving - This emerged gradually with a little prompting from early in the month It is so completely adorable. We all spend a lot of time waving now.  I am sure it is a relief to be able to communicate
  • Clapping - Also a favorite.  She even seems to do it at appropriate times when she is excited about something. Ok, she does it other times apparently randomly as well.
  • Eating - She is such a fan of finger foods now and will eat pretty much anything.  She is also very messy.  I feel like we're shifting to more and more table food as I'm definitely not making as much baby food as I was previously.  
  • Hair - Her hair is growing a lot and is this lovely golden blond that my hair used to be.  I love seeing it shine in the sun.  We've tried a variety of hair styling attempts this month and I am finally getting proficient with the baby rubber-bands.  Luckily, she doesn't seemed bothered by this at all other than that she has to sit still during it.
  • Pulling-Up/Cruising - M does a fair bit of pulling up and falling down on anything and anyone she can find.  She is doing a tiny bit of cruising as well, but doesn't get very far.
  • Siblings: B and Maggie find each other hilarious.  They are quite good at entertaining one another as well.  B is possibly better at calming her than we are at times.  They also have "talks" but neither is making much sense to us during these at times so who knows.  B thinks he is her parent too sometimes as he sternly tells her "we don't eat paper, Maggie," in his serious voice. 
  • Sickness:  There is still fluid on her ears and we tried/are trying nose spray.  Her recent bout with high temperatures was after she turned 8 months, but a worrisome couple days.
  • Snuggles/Separation Anxiety: M was our snuggler, but now is less so. She needs you to be nearby more than before and will cry piteously if I leave the room, but is really usually too busy to just be held. She will check in periodically though and then squirm away.
  • Childcare:  We switched sitters towards the end of the month. It seems to be going fine and M appears to be happy in her new setting.
  • Firsts: In addition to the above, M had her first Easter, first funeral, and first time away from both parents.  I think, in general, she was a trooper with each.  There were some tough moments near the end of the trip but probably as well as could be expected at this age.
  • M's new favorites: She LOVES paper.  Not quite the way I do (see huge scrapbooking stash).  She more loves trying to eat paper and can find it like a heat seeking missile.  Other favorites include, legos, books (turning pages in board books), spoons, and any toy B happens to have, right...
It was a fun month as she developed so many new interactive skills. I'm so excited for what is to come. 

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