Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Week In The Life - Friday

Friday was a fun, full day.  It is interesting that we're documenting this particular week as it isn't really an example of the norm, but rather of the extraordinary.  In looking back at the week this project was run in 2008 that was apparently the case then as well as Audra happened to visit from STL that week too.  It is helpful that she is somehow on schedule with Ali's projects.

I took the day off work on Friday and mostly managed to not work.  My Mom came up early in the day to play with Audra and the kiddos.  Most of the day had some shower prep going on in the background to whatever we were doing.  What we were doing was simple and fun including a trip to Target with Audra and Maggie followed by a short trip to the cheap costume jewelry store.  Maggie LOVED the jewelry store and really wanted to touch everything, but was restrained as she has been breaking a lot of necklaces of late.  As you can see here, Mom and B harvested most of the radishes while we were gone and no, I still don't like radishes.  It is fun to eat something from the garden nearly every day (and yes, I sound exactly like my Mom saying that).

  It was definitely not a day that went according to plan, but if you've been reading along this week you've probably discovered that most of my days don't. Friday's wackiness involved calling to find out when M's Dr. appointment was as there had been no reminder call and discovering it was 15 minutes away (we canceled).  We did go to the Dr. later as B has a cold, but he is mostly fine it appears.  It was a fun visit in that Mom got to meet his Dr. (at B's request).  Also, my helpers that were anticipated in the evening didn't come which threw me into a tailspin. Of course everything worked out, but frustrating.

Brent and I continued to clean into the night until my Bro arrived around 11pm (heralded by tapping on our office window as he had forgotten our garage code).   Oh, and Lady M elected to not take her afternoon nap despite being put down many times which added another interesting twist.  Instead we had play with M's hair day.  It is tricky to keep it up and out of her eyes with something she won't pull out, but we did have some very cute looks in the meantime. I just adore those dimples.

It was really a prep day all around.  We worked a bit more on planning for the race as well as planning for the shower. A good day with that feel of more to come.

For now, I'm really tired so Saturday's post will have to wait.  Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

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