Monday, April 26, 2010

A Week In The Life: Saturday

Saturday was the big day for Audra's baby shower.  In the morning, we did a bit more cleaning and prep while she and Able bought supplies for the marathon and checked Able in for the big race.  Then we met up briefly to do a little bit of shopping at our favorite Edmond baby boutique that was having a customer appreciation sale.  Then back to work on the shower for me and more race prep fun for them.  Tracie and Anna came by to help with shower prep around noon  and luckily we were all set before two.  Maggie, meanwhile, again didn't nap, but was completely adorable.  Tracie got some awesome pictures of her too!

We had a great time with Audra's friends and family at the baby shower.  We started with snack time style treats and then she opened her gift. She got some fun things for baby Zane including a huge collection of adorable baby shoes!  Then, we did a group button art project for his nursery that turned out to be a lot of fun. My Mom and B had painted the canvases the week before and then my Mom traced boats on them.  At the shower the guests all worked to fill in the shapes with buttons from my Grandmas' button collections as well as a few new ones we found.  Jamie and Marilyn were particularly good at this project and helped write Zane's name in buttons on the center canvas where the guests signed their names.  It was a great project.  Then we enjoyed the dessert bar we'd made a bit more before people headed home.  

After the shower, Tracie stayed for the pre-marathon team meeting followed by a pasta feast at my house.  It was a great mix of girly shower fun and race preparations.  A very full but wonderful day!

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