Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Hmm, yep, still Tuesday for a bit longer.  Here we go for a whirlwind ride through Ten on Tuesday as I feel like this has been such a long incredible day.  I have so many cute pictures, but can't get to them at the moment so I'll have to just promise them to you for later in the week.  Here goes:

1.  Work is crazy.  Finally, completed a huge, short deadline project today on time and in good shape.  Only for a random, much quicker turn around thing to suddenly rise up leaving me editing late when I should have been writing for you.  Here's hoping it all works out and quiets down quickly. (Does that ever happen? Would I be happy if it did? Things to ponder).

2.  We've been at the farm since Sunday and loving it.  The kids are getting to do all sorts fo cool stuff we don't do at home.  One awesome thing about telecommuting is that with technology I can telecommute from here pretty much as easily as my house.  My parents are doing the afternoon babysitting and hanging tough with the long kid filled days. Yes, Brent is in NJ missing all this fun :(

3. Today, the kids played in the "pool" here.  Grandma is getting a new kiddie pool soon, but for today it was an old metal washtub of sorts.  They both only just barely fit in it together, but had an absolute riot splashing and laughing with each other.  They love each other and just have the best times together already.

4.  This evening we went on a BIG "Adventure" to Enid.  Any guesses what that might have been??? It deserves a big post, but was definitely a highlight of our day and a coming full circle moment from my childhood to my childrens'.  More to come...

5. Harvest is jsut starting.  My Dad cut the "test" run today.  The test run somehow ends up being several acres which seems excessive to my Mom and I, but I think they just are having so much fun they can't stop once they get started:)

6. M is starting to have more consonants in her babble sounds and maybe a few more words to be picked out here and there.

7.  M is much more willing to be walked around holding her hands (or sometimes just one hand).  I think she is finally at least interested in walking conceptually, but still a long way to go.

8. I love the random sweetness of B these days.  He will randomly say little wonderful things like thanking Grandma for the sandy playground or say that was a great adventure.  He fetches things and helps so much with M.  I guess, mostly, I'm just enjoying a little boy at three. I think I will miss this later.

9. Umm, so M is being baptized on Sunday. I have no clue how many people are coming (probably many), her dress turns out to be the wrong size, and I have very little in the way of concrete plans.  This is not THAT unusual for my party planning, but just starting to think that maybe I really should focus on this in earnest.....

10. Big thanks to my parents for hosting us this week.  The kids and I are a crazy wild handful, and come with lots of baggage (literally), but we're also lots of fun (I hope).  We had an absolute blast and I'm so glad for one more day tomorrow. I do miss my hubby though and will be so glad to have him back.  Did you know tomorrow is our ninth anniversariy. (Maybe even our super-ultra -golden anniversary as it is nine on the ninth!) In any case, I must rest as somehow I'm sure tomorrow is going to be just as full to bursting with work, joy and wonder as today.  Hope your day is full of joy as well.

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