Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meadowlake Adventure

Way back in the beginning of June, the kids and I spent several days at the farm while Brent was at a conference in New Jersey.  I teased you with this cool "adventure" we had taken B on that hearkened back to my own child hood and promised to tell you soon. (See #4 here).  I'm just now getting back to that.

We had promised B a small adventure if he was good and took a particularly nice nap.  When he awoke, we loaded up the car and headed into Enid, without cluing him in to the plan.  This was, in part, because our goal was to ride this small train that runs around Meadowlake Park.  However, the schedule is unclear and we didn't want to get his hopes up and have it not be running.  However, on the way, he did hear me telling  Brent vaguely what we were doing and guessed.  He was very excited.  Sadly, no train as it was being repaired.

There were, however, some very cool, very vintage rides to enjoy.  First he road around in a spinning car ride and then it was time for the carousel.  He picked reddy donkey (his name for it) which was a very small horse that actually didn't move at all.  For the first ride, M and I sat behind him in a bench seat just in case he needed help.  Grandma B bravely climbed on a large white horse and off we went.  I love the pictures as they chronicle the transition from trepidation through excitement. He really liked it by the end.  We could not, however, persuade him to ride a moving horse for our second ride later, as he was very committed to Reddy Donkey.

He also tried out the little air plane ride, play ground equipment and feeding the geese.  We wrapped up the evening with a snow cone in true Oklahoma fashion.  I'm so glad we got to do this with him and that he so seemed to enjoy these simple pleasures.  This is one of those classic summer memories that I want to help build for my kids and in this case doubly special as it is replicating one of my own!  We plan to do this again some day when the little train is running as I know he will love that too!

What are some of your favorite memories from this summer?  I'd love ideas on things to do and try in our last few weeks of summer weather.

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