Thursday, September 2, 2010

WAHM Moment

Sometimes, even two years in, I wonder if I/we have made the right choice in my telecommuting/WAHM world.  I wonder about what I've given up in money, careers, jobs, knowledge and time with adults.  Days like today, however, when I can kiss my sweet boy's cheek, snuggle him close, and tousle that darkening hair as I tuck him in bed under starry sheets and a blanket strewn with the solar system and walk a few steps down the hall to work, I know I would not give this moment up for anything. I have a dream job and an amazing set up.  It has its difficult moments, of course, but it is so worth it for this moment.  The one where I can tuck him in at naptime, know he is nearby and still get to do a job that I enjoy and that consistently challenges me.  This moment, is priceless and I will treasure it always.

Editors Note: WAHM = Work at Home Mom- I am a part-time attorney in the General Counsel's Office for one University and adjunct instructor at another.


Audra said...

Yep you are very lcuky. Wish I could make that happen in my life.

Jessica Lena Lehman said...

i'm not sure what's going on here, but i like it


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