Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Kid Crafts!

B and I decided it was time to do some simple Halloween crafts this week and I thought I'd share them with you as they are easy to replicate with common craft supplies and a willing child of about this age.

Project 1: Boo!

Patterned paper - 3 sheets (8.5x11 is fine)
Glue Dots® Glue Lines
Safety Scissors
Embellishments of your choice (See project 2 and 3).
Template --- See below

1. Pick a word of your choice.  We chose "Boo" but you might want a word with less round letters for easy cutting. We used SEI large chipboard letters I got in a kit a few years ago as our template.  We worked together to trace around the letters onto our patterned paper.  Alternatively, you could print out large letters to trace or print them directly onto the patterned paper saving a step.

2.  Cut around the outside and inside lines with safety scissors.

3. Embellish using glitter, google eyes, stickers, or other items from your craft stash.  Alternatively, see project 2 and 3 for another craft idea to dress up your letters.

4.  Adhere to the child's door using the Glue Lines and enjoy!

Project 2: Sparkly Spider - I like sparkly not spooky spiders so our first embellishment was shiny!


Four silver pipe cleaners
Glue Dots®  Craft Dots
Safety Scissors

2 Tiny googly eyes
Mini-Glue Dots®


1.  Cut two pipe cleaners into quarters.

2. Cut the third pipe cleaner in half.

3.  Wrap the remaining pipe cleaner in a spiral shape to create a circle about one inch in diameter.

3. Add Craft two Craft Dots to each side of the circle and lay each of the four short pipe cleaner pieces across the dots to form eight legs.

4. Bend the tips of each "leg" down a bit.

5. Add a fifth Craft Dot to the spider to attach the remaining half a pipe cleaner which will form a strand to connect the spider to the word you've created.  (This is optional as you can just use the spider as is).

6.  Optional: use 2 tiny Glue Dots to attach googly eyes to your spider.

Project 3: Paper Spider - This was my Mom's take on the spider concept-- very cute.

Left over patterned paper
Glue Dots® Craft Dots
Safety Scissors
Googly Eyes

Instructions:  This is very similar to the above, but with paper rather than pipe cleaners.

1.  Let the child cut strips of paper from the left over scraps of Project 1.

2. Cut a small mouth out of the remaining scraps.

3.  Trace and cut out a 1-2 inch circle for the body of the Spider.

4.  Attach googly eyes and mouth using Craft Dots.

5.  Work together to attach each leg to the body using the Craft Dots or Mini-Glue dots and bend down the ends of the legs as with the Sparkly Spider.

6.  Attach string or cord  with Craft Dots and hang from your word.

These projects are very simple and straightforward intentionally.  They work with what is capable of a small child around age 2-4 in terms of dexterity and the length of time they can focus. They are designed to use common craft supplies so they can be done quickly at minimal expense.  I also didn't try to force his choice of where to put the spider or overly style the end result as I want it to still be his work and his project.  I think it was one that we all enjoyed and I smile each time I walk by.

“I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots design team.”


Debra Dotter Blakley said...

I like it that his door decor is a growing work of art, with new items placed once in a while. It stays fresh that way and he owns how it changes. Thanks for letting me participate.

The Barlow-Nguyen's said...

Aww, so cute. I can't wait until Ashtyn is old enough to do crafts. When she is old enough maybe we can do some with you & Maggie.

Renee said...

Thanks for sharing your cute Halloween projects. 'Way to go Glue Dots, Dottie and congrats!


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