Friday, October 8, 2010

Scrapbook: Re-cap and looking forwards

Today, Ali Edwards revealed the base for her 2010 December Daily. Loyal readers will likely remember that I'm a bit of an Ali Edwards devotee.  I have done her Week in the Life project twice and last year completed my first December Daily. Yes, it is early to think about December (on several levels), but this year I am going to build my own base similar to hers rather than use the Evalicious base book (although I do love it).  I think I may limit myself to weekly posts her on the subject for December, but will also give you a glimpse of my base book when I've pulled it together. This year's version is much more streamlined and repetitious so it might be a good fit for those new to scrapbooking or crafting generally that want to participate in this project.  Let me know if others are interested as I'd gladly host a gathering to create the base books together and/or a final assembly party.

Me: The Abridged Version Update:  Yes, this is still going on.  Have accepted this is not my style of project, as it is just not enough art/creativity in it, but I really want the final product so I am continuing on.  I have basically completed everything but selecting the last 10 photos, printing all the photos and adhering the photos and journal strips.  The coordination of getting the photos printed to 3x3 size has a been frustrating for me, but here's hoping I get it worked out soon.

Re-cap: Girls' Scrapbooking Weekend.  I know I mentioned we went, but never shared the results.  They are below in the slide show for those interested minus the two small projects/layouts that I needed finishing touches.  So glad to have these in the book!

Bonus Points - one of these made made by my dear friend Chrissie of Clever Faeries.  Can you pick which one?

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