Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten on Tuesday!

So excited to see Ten on Tuesday posts already up from Jamie, Audra, Amber and a new entry - Erin!  Here goes ours:

1.  I just finished chatting with one of Mary, one my closest and most wonderful friends for more than an hour.  You can hardly ask for a better evening.  It is so nice to have friends like Mary that I feel comfortable really talking to about what I'm going through even though it is hard and uncomfortable.  Thanks for the good advice and listening ear Ms. Mary!

2. Good and bad new with B today -- Good news first! He went to his first "real" swimming class today at the Y ( You may remember earlier attempts at Mommy & Me swimming, but like so many things at age 2 it didn't quite work.  This version is without parents in the pool and begins the actual class progression). I have kept meaning to sign him up, but never getting it done in a timely manner.  I think it may have been a good thing as now he is more mature and excited about being in class and because it is fall and not summer he has a class with only one other little boy which is great.  Today, they worked on floating (tummy and back), jumping in, scooping the water, kicking, etc... Brent says it went very well and B was definitely stoked when we left. He is so excited about doing it again on Thursday. Hooray!

3. The not so good news is that we have the final official asthma diagnosis today.  B got a breathing treatment at the pediatrician followed by prescriptions for anti-biotics and a second inhaler.  He will be on at least one inhaler twice a day for at least a year.  I asked lots of questions and think I have a sense of what to look for and when to take him in.  We shall see.  He is being great about the meds and did seem to perk up after having his treatment.

4. Attempts at playing with neighborhood boys was again not very successful today, but he forged into it again anyway.  We shall see.

5.  Here is my layout from today.  In a weird shift I have scrapstuff out on our kitchen table and just added bits as the last day or so went along. I am pretty pleased with it and liked being able to think about it and adjust gradually. B also got to help in that he picked out which brads to add as we went around the circle.  Having a three year old do the selecting is a great way to make things truly random.  Not an every page solution, but nice to get a little crafting in. 

5. I am adoring Lady M's fall clothes.  Lots were given to us by other people and I found a few here and there.  My favorite new thing is her little skirted hoodie or dresses over pants.  Just too cute.

6.  What is cuter than babies in bubbles? B and M took a bath in the big tub this week and the jets make even a little bubbles into a huge party. So much fun!

7. Brent sadly doesn't get scrapbooked as much as the kids, but when I saw this new line called "Atomic Soup" from Jillibean Soup I knew I'd found the perfect paper for him.  It is full of pages with the atomic table, atoms, test tubs and more science fun... on second thought, might be good for my dad too!

8. I have decided to make M's Halloween costume perhaps with a bit of help from Chrissie and/or Sarah.  With that decided really need to start so Brent and I are not up till all hours at the last minute as with B's costume last year.  B, meanwhile, has elected to be Iron Man so no construction needed, just need to go buy it as it seems to be available everywhere.

9. I asked for memories of my dad a few weeks back and Chrissie sent a lovely one yesterday.  I promptly burst in to tears, but knew I wanted to share it here as well.  (Ps. Have you checked out her cool new crafting/DIY blog?) 

I saw this photo today and it reminded me of your Dad.  I remember when he took us around to look at your fields and he could tell me the names of every plant we passed.  I just loved it, and you could tell he loved teaching it.  I still remember one of the names, gerudia dracunculoides, although spelling it is beyond me. (Edit: Beyond me too, but love you Chicca).

10. We are going to attempt fall activities with the kids starting this week including "Daze in a Maze" this weekend on the way to the farm. (Find a pumpkin patch near you here).  I've not been to a corn maze before and hear there may be animals or pumpkins even.  On Sunday, my mom is hosting a 350 project and would, I'm sure, welcome volunteers to help with the clean-up and tree planting.  Drop me an email if you are planning to come.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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iEatDC said...

The good news is that many kids grow out of their asthma. My sister's asthma was bad as a child, and even into her teens the summers meant some quality time with the nebulizer. Then it just kind of went away, and she hasn't used an inhaler in years (she's 30).


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