Monday, November 1, 2010

Giving Thanks

As you know, our family just experienced life in a Children's Hospital first hand.  We were one of the lucky ones there in that our little guy got to go home about four days later and is thriving.  In talking about the hospital with my sister, she confirmed that many kids are there for months with various ailments.  We witnessed families with kids in the PICU and CICU while sitting our vigil and I never want to have to live through the days they were having.  While you are there, there is definitely a sense of helpless as there is nothing much we can do to help.  

I did recently hear about Scrappers Give Thanks whose Thanksgiving goal this year is to deliver more than 2000 messages of joy, laughter, and inspiration to children in children's hospitals across the US and Canada. I plan to join their drive this year to honor these amazing kids and their families and give thanks that it is no longer my family sitting in the waiting room.  The program specifications are below.  

If you are coming to my Wii/Crop party next weekend you are welcome to use my stash of craft supplies to make contributions as well, which I will gladly mail for you.  If not, please send some along from wherever you are as this is something concrete you can do to help bring a smile to those families and help us give thanks for God's grace in bringing Zane safely to this next phase of his journey. 

The 2010 Project

The 2nd annual Scrappers Give Thanks project has a goal of assembling 2000 participant-created 4×6 pages into 100 ten page (double-sided) mini albums to be delivered to 10 children’s hospitals across the country. Submitted pages should be scrapbook-style mini artworks containing positive words, happy images, jokes etc. and may be in digital or tangible formats.


The Scrappers Give Thanks mini albums will be assembled with 4×6 page protectors and o-rings. To ensure a consistent look and feel, participants must adhere to the following specifications:
  • Single-sided 4×6 pages
  • Vertical orientation only (4″ wide by 6″ tall)
  • Include age-appropriate positive messages and/or images
  • No glitter, embellishments greater than 1/4″ thick or copyrighted images


Visit the Scrappers Give Thanks Flickr group to view great examples from their creative team and fellow participants. 

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b said...

I remember when Ava was in the NICU - once I returned home, I wanted to do something for the babies, families whatever I could think of. So I crocheted the little hats for the babies and took them to a couple of hospitals. We were only in NICU for a few weeks but watched families that had been there for many weeks and some for months. It was very eye opening for me. I've been so blessed reading the updates from you and your girls.


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