Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  The thing about taking a day off in a job where no one does your work when you're gone is that you just end up working twice as hard the next day.  The double edged sword of annual leave and why I think I may have too many vacation days (Seriously, could be like 8 weeks a year depending on how meetings go-pondering alternative set-ups for next year).

2. B elected to go with M to Kidzstreet this afternoon  rather than stay home with me. Not sure what that's about, but he promised to take care of her and it was only $12 more + a distraction free work day so I went with it.  They both were totally fine being left and had to be corralled for farewell hugs.

3.  Modestly afraid that Thanksgiving at the farm may turn into Pie Fest 2010 as the list of pies keeps growing and I'm not 100% sure we've settled on the main dish.  Maybe Beef Wellington? (We will have all had turkey 1-3 times before at least by then...) Currently prepping for two apple pies, probably 1-2 pecan pies, chocolate cream pie, sour cream raisin and maybe pumpkin for my mom by the time both my remaining Thanksgiving feasts are over.  Any other requests? (I am joking..sort of).

4. Slight lull in the scrapbooking this week.  I'm not sure why, but needing to find some new inspiration or ideas to start back up as I feel happier when I'm doing it.

5.  M has started annoyingly pulling my hair and on occasion hitting people with remotes.  This is not tolerable and has landed her in baby time out.  Which is vaguely hysterical, but I need the time out more than she does. Also, she is teething so a bit moody, but also completely adorable somehow occasionally at the same time.

6. She has also been big into extended snuggle and tickle time today which I enjoy and appears to be a big fan of watching B play Super Mario Galaxy which is hilarious as she cheers him on.

7.  The tomato sauce turned out rather well although not that red.  We had it this evening with meat balls of sorts (left over meatloaf in chunks) and pasta.  The pasta was a mix of bow ties and ABC pasta.  We mixed veggies in too and let M try feeding herself (hers did not have red sauce).  She did amazingly well with her spoon this evening.  Very impressed.

8. My chest is finally improving. My Grandpa gave me a thorough exam and while we're still not sure what caused it, I am clearer on why it is taking so long to heal and more confident it isn't something else masquerading as costochondritis. I am still trying to be careful and limiting my activity, lifting M, etc, but glad to not have sharp pain.  Dream of getting to do Zumba again one of these weeks.

9. Spent some time this evening brainstorming Christmas present thoughts with Brent.  We got roughly no where, which was expected, but did toss some ideas around.  We are not black friday shoppers so not that big of a rush, but don't want to miss internet shipping deadlines.

10. I "think" I have managed to create my own Christmas card using photos from our family photo shoot and some tricks of Picasa and Picnik.com..  They are now delightfully linked as Google bought Picnik which makes it easier.  This may be the simplest card ever, but I'm good with that.

How go your Thanksgiving plans? Thinking ahead yet? I am trying not too, but feel it coming. I'm excited about December Daily starting soon and Brent is pondering putting lights on the house.  Meanwhile, our gratitude project continues and has gone pretty well so far. We're even succeeding at not repeating much.  Hope you have a great week and I'll try to pop in another time or two amidst all the pie making!


Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Just the record: I will make the sour cream raison and the pumpkin unless you absolutely want to go stark raving mad; and yes, it is to be Beef Wellington (whoever he was).

emy_moody said...

I too am making pies. I have requests for cherry, coconut cream, chocolate and I am going to attempt sour cream raisin for myself and M-I-L.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tracie said...

I put lights on the house yesterday evening while the weather was good. I refuse to turn them on until after Thanksgiving though. Found that the outdoor outlet was blown by the people who put in my countertops....so trying to find an electrician. Ugh

Audra said...

I plan on thawing out the pear pie mom made while she was here since I dont cook and am looking forward to eating.


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