Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 4: Cookie Party

Saturday was busy and thus I'm a bit behind, but slowly catching up. Day 3 has been updated with pictures and can be seen here.

Inside Day 4 of the Advent Calendar, B found stickers for M and himself as well as a ticket to a Cookie Party! The Wainrights were holding their second annual cookie party so we quickly loaded up and headed to Tulsa. It was a very relaxed afternoon of chatting, cookies, games and kid-watching. Serenity has all sorts of fabulous toys and I got great ideas for presents from looking through her stash.

Tracie & Sarah spent much of the afternoon knitting and I wished sincerely that I had brought my scrapbooking stuff so Chrissie and I could have joined the crafting fun when kid-watching allowed. All three kids had great times with Serenity's secret room, puzzles, doll-house, Elephun, and more. I particulalry enjoyed watching Serenity and M played tea with her adorable Tinkerbell tea set.

M was happy, sleeping and very hungry by 4ish, but we stayed just a bit longer after feeding her as the Huizengas and Dr. Jones
arrived for the second wave of friend fun. We left in time to listen to most of the first half of the Bix XII Championship on the radio, then tucked our sleepy children in bed before watching the Sooners win with a big bag of cookies sitting on the counter to enjoy all week long.
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