Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 10: Lights of the Season

Kid Dance Party
Friday's Advent Calendar ticket led the kids to a new CD of Christmas music hidden inside the media center.  This immediately resulted in a little dance party and much hilarity at the idea of marshmallow snow.  It amazes me how much music creates the mood and glow of the season, particularly the standards that were on this CD.  I hope they learn to love them too.

We played our tunes again while making dinner, but I really wanted a bit more of a holiday activity so we spontaneously sought out Christmas lights.  I, randomly, decided we needed a family picture on the way out the door as lights are hard to photograph and am so glad we caught this one as our family is definitely the "light" of the season for me.

As the adventure was last minute, we had not researched where the good lights are, so we wandered through Nichols Hills and then over to the Chesapeake campus. Chesapeake lights all the trees around and through their campus with the most spectacular details, bright colors and strands lights all the way out to the tiny branches even of the enormous trees.  It is phenomenal (Note -- while it "feels" like a college campus those of you not from Oklahoma, Chesapeake is actually an oil and gas company).

After marveling at the amazing trees, we stopped for holiday drinks at Starbucks.  M was pretty tired so we headed home and put little people to bed with a sense that holiday fun is really underway.

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