Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ten on... Wednesday, right.

Sort of missed my Ten on Tuesday with the flurry of other posts yesterday, but here you are.

1.  I seem to have gone on a small spending spree for myself post-Christmas money/Promotion.  Not sure why as it is somewhat weird for me, but true.  The biggest purchase as a new camera lens at very long last. It arrived today and reminded me how clueless I am about the manual settings.  I promptly downloaded some things to work on that and you'll see images from the new lens soon.

2.  I also went on a scrapbooking mini-spree.  For October-til today, I've not signed up for any classes and bought only minimal supplies like adhesive or an odd little thing here and there for existing projects (ie rings for my December Daily or the overlays for that project---but no stash building).  Today, I signed up for TWO classes AND bought some end of the year sale things PLUS eight packages of photo sleeves to hold all the pictures I've been printing. Big day. (On a weird note, I've looked for photo sleeves everywhere locally and all three stores I tried were completely out!)    The two classes are Decorate Life  - which is to kick start me doing some pages about daily life from a new perspective and One Little Word - with Ali Edwards.  I will be blogging more about the later in the next day or two.  (If you are new to Big Picture Classes you can use this link when you register and get each of us 10% of our next class).  Now I'll be heading back to my attempt at frugal ways and being more responsible with our money. Promise.

3.  We're thinking of refinancing our house too-- yes, we are late to this particular party.  They promise me it will be sweet and simple this time and save us about $1500 a year.  Here's hoping.

4.  Yesterday, we made these delicious cranberry bars and able and I managed to not eat the entire pan at once which was a major victory.  So tasty and simple to make.

5.  Today was my last work day of the year (raise your hand if you think I'll resist work email for the next two full days--- yeah, I don't believe me either).

6.  The kids are much improved.  It turned out to be pretty much a 24 stomach thing.  It was followed immediately by a little cold/cough thing. Sigh.  I am going to spare you the story of Monday other than that it was thoroughly disgusting, we ran through all the sheets we own (a lot) in six hours and word to new parents---- you do, in fact, want to have more than two pairs of sheets.  For M's bed, we have something like six or seven (some "girl" and some "boy").  At one point around 3am we decided we might as well all just stay up for awhile... but I digress.

7.  Tomorrow (Thursday) is date night!  Kelli is going to watch our kids while we go out to a nice dinner.  With no childcare all week up til that point I very much need to get out of the house and spend some alone time with Brent.  We haven't had date night in awhile and it is much needed.

8.  We, as usual, have no New Year's Eve plans and are pretty OK with that.  We are indeed old and no fun, in case you were wondering.

9.  We spent the afternoon with the blinds up and windows open--- on the 29th of December, while my friends in the East are buried in snow.  So very weird, but nice for us.

10.  My "to do" and project list is never ending, just in case you wondered.

More posts to come and we all wish you a very Happy New Year!

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