Friday, January 28, 2011

Five on Friday

I am crafting away on goodies for the shower tomorrow,which are turning out so cute!  I will share some tutorials later, but in the meantime, wanted to share a few links to things I've been enjoying this week.

1.  I've been a WAHM mom for more than two and a half years now.  Our set up continually evolves and I love reading about others who do versions of this.  Therefore, this article from Ali Edwards was a perfect fit for me and others working on balance.  It doesn't offer answers, just what she does and what she prioritizes, but sometimes that alone is very helpful.  (Ps. If you want to see how her 2010 card layouts look they are now up).

2.  We're pretty focused on Birthdays and Baby Shower here still, but rumor has it that Valentine's Day is coming soon.  I've started seeing some gorgeous kids and I think my favorite collection is from this fun new Etsy store I found called "Inspire Lovely."  Isn't that a cool name? This collection of Valentine's fun makes me happy - inspiring & lovely.

3.  I have a new favorite scrapbook supplies source as well.  I discovered Ormolu during the recent December Daily project when Ali used some of the tags.  I ordered some and have so enjoyed using the Christmas ones in my December Daily and on little treats I handed out to people over Christmas.  The cool part was my second order.  There was a big sale in her shop and I immediately bought several different sets at an amazing price.  I goofed up my own order in my haste and I was so flabbergasted at how wonderful she was about the whole situation.  I did get my tags and I so enjoy them.  Her amazing customer service has won my business as much as the tags.  Anyway, doing business with real people, selling cool products who work hard for their customers makes me happy.

(No, none of this post is sponsored, just things I'm happy about and think are cool).

4. Fun (new to me) party site I've discovered is: Tip Junkie: Creative Party Ideas.  I have to admit, that I do aspire to really cool, pulled together, crafty parties, but rarely get even close so I just drool over the cool pictures and myriad of ideas.

5.  You remember Craftily Ever After from the Picture Frame post? She also has a very cool Etsy shop full of fun subway art designs.  I particularly like the Family Rules Print and the Rules of Love print makes me happy too.  I am such a word junkie, but you knew that.

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