Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. So my four people, twelve times is not going well (also known as not going at all), but this Us x 52 is really working for me. We have taken a family picture each week. Most of them do not really feature all of B's face, but love that we have them and this week's is pretty cool. (Photo credit: Uncle Able) It even features "Peanut Butter" the play horse from Grandma's house!
2. I am trying hard to believe that spring is coming. This picture is so late winter here. Mostly still brown, weathered and strewn with leaves. However, if you look closely, you may see a bit of green and even my own little namesake flower welcoming Spring gingerly. Here's hoping?

3. Planning to start planting the very first things in my garden today. I dug up the Parsnips I had left over winter today and they are HUGE! Still needing to turn over some soil before we start planting, but the drissle drove M and I inside today.
4. Able & B built this awesome tower at the farm on Sunday. I love how they make all the crazy shapes work and end up with a really cool design. I so enjoy watching my siblings play with my kids.
5. Isn't she adorable? She is so beautiful to me (very biased mom). Today, she started in a test day with her new childcare provider. I am feeling pretty optimistic that it will work out.  Still torn about weather or not to have childcare on Fridays and not sure how I will decide.

6. My favorite Maggieism just now goes like this: You ask her a question that she doesn't know the answer to. She then shrugs her sholders, holds both hands out to the side, palms up and says "I don't know" in her sweetest little voice. I adore it and admit we "might" ask her a lot of questions she doesn't know the answer to just to to enjoy this little performance.

7. Our nephew Matthew is scheduled to be born tomorrow via c-section. I am so excited! I can't wait to meet him and we're going to visit late next week. So much fun!  Prayers and hugs to Jamie, Carl & John while they await his arrival!

8. Audra & Zane did not ge tto come afterall as Zane got sick. Very sad. We probably won't see her until May. We did go to the farm though and had a good time despite the cold.

9. Grading and Exercising both continue. This is having a markedly bad impact on my crafting. My final exam launches in a matter of hours so not much relief in sight....

10. Had a fun filled book club at my house on Friday. There was much wine, cheese, fruit, chocolate, bread and laughter. A great success and it was so nice to finally host here.

That's our story this week. I hope yours is a happy one!
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