Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

This week has been crazy. (Actually, sometimes when this happens is exactly when I don't blog--- precisely when there are tons of things to right about.  Yes, I make no sense).  Here are just a few of the things going on here this week. Sadly, no pictures, because I haven't made it through those this week either, apologies.

1.  I am thinking giving up teaching at Drexel.  It does not bring me joy and increasingly makes me miserable.  My student evaluations may have been the last straw.  I think I'm ok with it.

2.  We went to TX to meet Matthew this weekend.  He is so little, quiet and sleepy.  Loved getting to hold the snuggle bug.  We spent most of our time playing with John, swimming, and playing together.  Lovely, lovely trip.

3. On the way back from TX, we went to B's friend Evelyn's "Pony Party" at Orr Farm in Moore.  It was a whirlwind, but lots of fun - petting zoo, pony ride, playground, train ride, cake, and carousel all in about an hour and a half.  Wild, but good.

4. The car rides to and from were a bit less calm than in February.  On the way back, M just about drove us all crazy.  The saddest moment for me was that B, being generous, gave her his box of chicken to have a bite.  No one immediately took it away and she ate the whole thing.  This was followed immediately by B sobbing over his lack of chicken and M looking filthy (covered in crumbs) and confused.  I also channeled my "rural" roots as I found myself walking around the car barefoot at the gas station shaking crumbs off my kids, throwing away trash, losing my cool,  and generally looking disheveled.  Not my best moment, but we all survived.

6.  I cannot handle allergies they have arrived with a crash today and I am already going crazy.  Bah humbug. (Brent is currently fetching medicine, water and tissues as I'm being pathetic).

7.  I hadn't seen Tracie all month, which is very unusual.  She stopped by yesterday and we talked for maybe 5 hours.  Feeling much better.  Brent went to dorm night and came back to find us in the same place.  Nothing like your best friend to make your week brighter!  ( I am a bit tired today as really the five hours of sleep I managed are not enough at my advanced age of 32).

8.  I spent much of today trying to buy plane tickets and make travel arrangements. Here is my draft travel schedule through July 1 (roughly)

  • Late April: New Jersey to visit Heather, Evan & Cleo (stalking tickets and "may" bring M too!)
  • May 10-13: DC for Board meetings (ticketed today)
  • Early June: Brent probably headed back east for annual student research conference (tentative)
  • Mid-June: Hopefully to STL with kids and Grandma for Zane's birthday (Brent probably staying home for IRSP-- not tickets yet....)
  • June 23-25: Easter Shore of MD for GW Board Retreat (OK - MD ticket purchased, car rented, someone is making me hotel reservations, I think)
  • June 25-30: San Francisco (DC-SF ticket purchased, but no ticket home yet and don't have Brent's ticket to SF yet either as he is joining me for a mini-vacation/anniversary celebration while I'm attending/speaking at a national conference, do have a hotel courtesy of GW though).

Slightly busy--- and still probably well over $1500 in plane tickets to buy.  You might notice the ones I've bought so far are most of those GW is paying for... sigh.

9. We are hosting a baby shower for the Wainrights this weekend.  Should be lots of fun and the Vos will even be here from Houston to make for an even more delightful weekend.

10.  I read several books this week (primarily Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble and Toil and Trouble - which were very entertaining).  My next planned reads are: The Violets of March and The Peach Keeper.  No clue what the book club book for April is, but enjoying my own selections for the moment.  My mom also gave me The Majesty of the Law: Reflections of a Supreme Court Justice for my birthday so when I've read enough fluff to recover from grading I have that to enjoy as well.

That only scratches the surface, but is the gist.  M also started her official new childcare provider today so on to many new adventures.  There is news from Brent slowly percolating too so maybe sometime next month we'll have more to talk about on that front.  For now, I'm off to do something fun and relaxing!

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Tracie said...

It was great getting to hang out and catch up last night! Being that I am about 4 months older than you, I too was tired and did not get around quite as quickly this morning!! I'm heading to bed early tonight :) I think you may have caught my allergies..... I hear there are these new menthol Kleenex. I am going in search tomorrow.


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