Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  The funeral for Aunt Wanda was today.  Generally, I did fine, but at the end when Vern and Sam were saying final good-byes, I kinda lost it.  Sigh...

2.  My mom watched the kids while we went to the funeral and more later while I worked and Brent went to the dentist.  I love that they get to have these days with her and that she is available to come play.  Thanks Mom!

3.  My Mom took me on a scrapbook shopping spree for my birthday today at my local scrapbooking store.  I picked out cool new products that I probably wouldn't get myself for months until they are on sale.  They are so sweet.  Mostly a little Graphic 45 patterned paper, Crate Paper stickers and embellishments, some trims, and some of treats from Jenni Bowlin's new line.  I was so tempted to just buy tons of the Graphic 45 line which is filled with pinks, greens, fairies, butterflies and bunnies.  That said, I couldn't quite figure out how I'd use it so got just a bit and can always buy more if it ends up being easy to use.  Such a fun birthday trip!!  Thanks so much mom, just exactly what I wanted:)

4.  Tonight, I think I will finish all my grading for this quarter at Drexel.  The exams are done and I just have a tiny bit of clean up left, thank goodness.  I am ready for a break and some fun in the evenings.

5.  We are heading to TX on Thursday to meet Matthew!  I don't think we've quite worked out our plans precisely, but am glad to get away for a bit as a family and hang out with the Jones clan.

6. I participated in the Two Peas Online Crop this weekend.  Here are my two favorite layouts (apologies that I'm not so great at photographing them).

7.  I am now wearing my knee brace all the time and not exercising.  This is annoying.  In good news, the knee is improving.  I really miss exercising and really think it would help with the weight loss progress.  Some progress is happening, but not nearly as much as for my sister, color me jealous. (Congratulations Audra!)

8. My brother, meanwhile, bought a spiffy new black Prius and dropped by to show it off this evening.  Very cool.  The kids loved hanging out in it with him.

9. B went to Zoo Spring Break Camp today for a few hours.  He has been psyched about this for weeks and, I think, had a fabulous time.  He gets to go again tomorrow too!  I have also signed him up for this cool Seussical Zoofari camp for the summer so much more zoo fun ahead.  I think I may find one more Zoo camp for the summer as he won't be in MDO (at least not much, four partial weeks there) and likes having zoo adventures.  He is going to an elephant zoo class with Daddy next weekend (26th) while I prep for the baby shower too.... Yes, we are big fans of the zoo.

10.  M is just too adorable.  She is just a tiny little person.  (Well, maybe not so tiny as Brent took her to her 18 month visit at the new pediatrician and every measurement about her is floating way above the chart somewhere, but I digress).  She says adorable things, takes instruction (when she wants to), annoys her brother, is in love with Elmo, etc... Clearly has her 19-month moments, but so cute that we forget those easily.

Almost spring and I'm off to make something pretty.  Hope you have a great week!


Debra Dotter Blakley said...

ooooooh, love the waves of blue papers!!! What a clever idea and it works beautifully. Wow!

Barb said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt. :(
But hurray for the shopping spree at your LSS. :)
I hope your knee heals quickly so you can return to being more active. <3


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