Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I went to my first OKC Thunder game this evening with Tracie & Candace.  It was so much fun.  It brought back good memories of college basketball games I'd enjoyed a decade ago.  I bought my Thunder shirt and they pulled out the overtime win by one point!

2.  On Monday, we tried another recipe from Skinnytaste.  Today's recommendation is:  Chicken Avocado Soup!  I thought it was delicious, quick and easy.  The kids had theirs with very little broth and mostly ate the chicken.  I have some broth left that will be turned into veggie soup for lunch.  Hooray!

3. I watched three episodes of Glee last night while Brent was at dorm duty.  Several "very special episodes" on teen issues.  Ok, but not spectacular. I did get to see the same three commercials MANY times.

4.  Isn't this shirt fun? So tempted by it as is accurate on several levels.

5.  This week's book was The Peach Keeper: A Novel - It was Ok, not spectacular. I still prefer her prior book - The Girl Who Chased the Moon: A Novel.

6. I booked tickets to New Jersey to see Heather, Evan and Cleo! There is a direct flight from OKC to Newark so even though the times aren't perfect I took it. I think I will bring Maggie with me which is going to take some bravery as she is not at a good stage for flying (read 18+ months) very wiggly for a three hour flight.  That said, she loves the ipad so maybe that will help....

7. Before the game today, Tracie and I had dinner at Big Truck Tacos.  It was tasty, affordable and had a fun atmosphere.  I'm glad I finally made it as this had been on my savoring local flavors list for awhile.  Great choice for a quick delicious meal!

8.  Have I mentioned our new pillow pet pals? It started with our Zoobie Flying Trapeze (formerly known as Tattoo).  Then last week in a moment of generosity (aka weakness?) while at the mall with B getting my contacts fixed I bought B and M each their own pillow pet.  B's pet is a bee (obviously) which he named Gee ku. We picked out a koala for M which she subsequently named "Pot." I think she might have been trying to say pet, but pot stuck and there we are.  They are BIG fans of their new buddies and Gee Ku, in particular, goes with us many places. M's pet is almost as big as she is which has resulted in some comedy too.

9.  We had a crazy busy weekend celebrating the Vo's visit to Oklahoma and the Wainright's baby shower.  We wrapped up the weekend with an impromptu party at my house on Sunday afternoon. I love that our house is a gathering place and that we're totally cool with 20 people on no notice.  So much fun and such wonderful friends!

10.  Where did spring go? It was so lovely last week.  I bought sundresses and shorts for the kids and now have them bundled back up in tights, coats and snow pants!  I am so ready for spring and so sick of gloomy drizzle.  For whatever reason it just makes me gloomy too.  I hear that better weather is on its way and am so excited to feel the sun on my face again. (Yes, I will probably change my mind around July... but for now I am sticking by that).

I hope you have a sunny, happy, wonderful week!


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