Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cabin Weekend

I think the pictures mostly tell the story so lets start with those:

Some tidbits to remember:

  • We sometimes look like a walking Ergo add as both the Palfreymans and my crew used them as part of our baby wearing arsenal as we traipse around.  Still a big fan of baby wearing and the Ergo even with a 30lb+ little one.
  • S'mores are fabulous, but perhaps not the logical thing to feed wound up kids at bedtime -- it all worked out though.
  • In our 30s we still stay up too late and still love playing and talking together -- which is awesome.
  • This was a great group and great number of people.  I love how well we fit together, which is part of the beauty of having known each other for more than a decade now. 
  • I also love the flow and shift of watching each others kids.  There is this informal tag thing that happens as people move in and of a space.  Very natural, but also a neat thing to me.
  • Chrissie packs so much food!  The food was delicious and I did not, at all, eat properly, but definitely enjoyed it.  Steak off a grill and S'mores over a fire are perfect cabin food.
  • I saw a snake -- I hate snakes. There are no pictures of said snake.
  • We are all at different stages with our kids, but they still have a great time together.  Even little Corwyn got in some playing with the bigger kids.
  • I love the woods and the cool forest vibe.  I am always surprised at the differences in eastern Oklahoma from the plains area where I grew up.  
  • Skipping rocks is entertaining to people of all ages, as is riding in golf carts--- or so I suspect.
  • Canoe rides often end up with someone almost falling in and that is part of the charm as is watching Daddy's hold their babies and row.
  • I loved the time outside and time together doing anything or nothing. 
I am so glad we were invited and hope we get to share more times like this in the future. It was a great, quiet, fun break from our normal routine. Thank you to the Wainrights and Palfreymans for a lovely weekend and for being great friends to me and mine.

Update: There are a few more really cool pictures on Jennie's blog -- including one of B's great tree climbing adventure with Serenity.

(Ps - A big thanks to Chrissie's mom as well for letting us use her cabin- it was lovely!)

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