Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. It has been a weird week thus far.  Brent had an interview that started last night at dinner and continued through dinner today.  He is so exhausted and still a little unsure what to think about the whole thing.

2.  B's now in morning swim lessons.  It is technically the same level, but seems WAY easier so we may need to move him up just to keep in the same place.  I do like the teacher and having it in the morning rather than at night.

3.  After swimming the kids and I played in the park across the street for awhile.  M is big enough now to play on many of the toys and B is increasingly interested in the climbing options.  It is a spread out park so I had to do some chasing, but we all made it home wind-blown, but unscathed.

4.  Uncle Able was our babysitter this evening and it sounds like everyone had a great time playing outside together.  So nice that he is around to help with things like this.

5.  Speaking of Uncle Able, he works for Country Financial - if you need any financial products (Roths, 529 plans, savings vehicles of any kind) or insurance (such as Long Term Care, Auto, Home, Life, etc...) drop him an email (awblakley@gmail.com or call him at 405-314-6209) and he will be glad to do a quote for you.  He has lots of great ideas and new options for me all the time.  (This concludes my pushing my brother's business-- apologies, but I love the guy and his stuff is awesome).

6.  My baby story that makes me cry on the internet for the week was this one about Getty and SMA - Read here to learn more and help if you can.  Meanwhile, thanking my lucky stars, God, and genetics that so far we have healthy kids.

7.  We had an lovely low-key weekend with the Palfreymans and Wainrights at Chrissie's family's cabin in the woods.  I will have many more stories and pictures to share, but my immediate reaction upon arriving home was that we needed to return immediately as the wind and heat here outside of the secluded wood where we had been were horrific.... that passed quickly to cold and horrific when the temperature dropped more than 40 degrees overnight.  Our weather is weird, but I digress.

8.  There is no book of the week from me, but B's recommendations are There's No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System - A Dr. Seuss Book - which he read while at the cabin and now feels he must have.  He tells me Venus is the most windy planet.  It appears this tidbit was brought on by our own insane wind, but good to know.  His back up recommendation is Llama Llama Misses Mama, which he read at cousin John's house and has been hinting about since then.

9.  This weekend's schedule is one four-year old birthday party and, weather permitting, family pictures at last.

10.  You know the 93 degree temperatures on Sunday did have one upside-- M and I got to try on our sun dresses and pretend it is summer.  That little lady is going to be adorably attired, just as soon as it warms up!

I hope the week is wonderful for you and I'll be back with some more stories and projects to share!

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Summer said...

Thank you for blogging #6. Some of our best friends have a daughter with SMA as well (The Pringles on our links). Heartbreaking but also uplifting to watch how they have come together as a family to battle something I don't know I would have the strength to do. Here's to hoping for a cure.


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