Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Five

1. Not a cool internet shopping find, but articles that resonated with me in by my WHAM life now and my former full-time work situation:  Ten Things Never to Say to a Working Mom and the follow-up blog are both worth a read for both Mom's that work at home and those that leave the house daily to other jobs only to return home to that special kind of work. 

2.  Now, on to the pretties! Isn't this pennant lovely? I want one that says happy or family.  I think the happy one would be perfect for birthdays or any special occasion or just every day smiles! (Yes, I am a huge Lisa Leonard fan still.  Have you seen her new open heart pendant and these cool magnets?)

3.  This post by Stephanie Howell was just full of things that were so pretty and fun.  My immediate reaction was to send it to Chrissie, which is what I usually do with beautiful crafty things I find online, but I thought it would be better still to share it with all of you (including Chrissie) here. (Ps. I am on pininterest too if you want to join the fun, let me know!)

4.  I have this wonderful DSLR that I love, but find I'm tempted by this little tiny new Polaroid type camera too -- Think how cool it would be for December Daily or Week in the Life..hmmmm.

5. I wear my GW zip hoodie pretty much constantly in transition seasons -- or so our weekly pictures seem to suggest.  Lately, I'm thinking I want an OU version too.  It might have been the Women's Gymnastic's recent spectacular performance that won them a trip to the upcoming NCAA championships or maybe all the spring football pictures on facebook, but this one or one of its friends is very tempting just now.

Somehow telling you is almost as good as shopping for me and so much cheaper!

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