Monday, April 18, 2011

Recipe Week: Spring Trail Mix

When preparing to go to the cabin earlier this month I began my snack packing ritual.  We travel with a lot of snacks in the car in an attempt to avoid junk (at least somewhat) and as a distraction for fussy kids.  This time, the kids and I made spring trail mix.  It was a hit!

Spring Trail Mix

2 c. Chickadee Crackers (Target's generic fish crackers - much more spring like and tastier)
1  bag Easter M&Ms
2 c. Dried Cranberries
4 c. Multigrain Cheerios
2 c. Lightly salted roasted peanuts
1 c. Dried Apple Chips

Mix well. We bagged this up into 8 snack size baggies (which I stashed all over from diaper bag to my camera bag and replenished frequently).  The remainder we had in a larger ziplock in our car snack bag.  Possibly not our healthiest snack, but very tasty and well-loved by our little traveling crew.


Capitol to Capital said...

Abbey - I always have a huge container of my homemade trail mix for the fussiest person in the house (me). I tend to not like salty things, so all the nuts are unsalted. Apple chips sound like a great addition!

So any and all combination of the following:

Dried cherries (sometimes)
Yogurt covered raisins
Cheerios (plain)
Chocolate chips
Pistachios (shelled)
Sunflower seeds

The Barlow-Nguyen's said...

I HAVE to make this! Sounds fantastic for Ashtyn!

The Barlow-Nguyen's said...

We made our own little version for the party...I couldn't remember exactly what your recipe said while I was at the grocery we forgot the apple chips. We did add a few jelly beans for Easter though...oh & we had the bunny-shaped crackers. So fun.


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