Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday {updated}

1.  Fun Fact: B loves to eat mini-corndogs for lunch on his Tues/Thursday lunchtimes with me. (Please withhold health police judgment --- we do not always do this.  It is a treat, although one he would like daily).  His current setup is to have 10(!!!) mini corndogs, along with frozen blueberries.  All of this is eaten with a fondue fork. (Thank goodness as those poor forks are otherwise not getting much action around here).

2.  I love chocolate sheet cake.  I think more than regular cake.  I have sort of been in denial about this as it is a very common feature at family and other events in Oklahoma.  This week, however, Tracie made the Pioneer Woman version for bookclub and I realized why we have it so frequently.  The reasons are:  it is a perfect finish to a group meal with lots of dishes.  It is simple to make and serves many guests.  Best of all, you can have a small piece to indulge your chocolate fix without facing a large layer cake. I recommend it.  Do you all have a recipe? If not, maybe Tracie's mom will share hers as Tracie says it is the best, or perhaps I can get Brent's mom to share hers which is the one we love to enjoy. (My side of the family, as an aside, never makes this. It appears at events and we are consumers, not makers of this dish for some reason, which is odd, but in discussing with Tracie I discovered that while I've eaten it many times, I don't think I've ever made it! Weirdness).

3.  M is entering a new phase where she likes to try to dress or undress herself.  She has mixed levels of success.  She is a big fan of her new pillow case style dresses as she can untie them and be back in her bloomers in no times. (Note to self-- add snaps to ribbons as this may become annoying).  She also finds and pulls a swim diaper up one leg (or one up each leg!) each time there is mention of swimming---sadly she rarely actually is going swimming when this happens, but it adorable.

4.  B was sick on Sunday for about half the day.  During that half, he sat very still--only moving enough to maybe do a puzzle, but not enough to dress himself???  By 4 though, he was dancing in the halls.  I love his resilience!

5.  We have "almost" planted all the things in our garden for its first round this year.  This week we added: Marigolds, yellow squash, a tomato, more broccoli and cauliflower, zinnias and bachelor buttons.  It is generally coming a long and looks rather nice.  The first round of broccoli and cauliflower are entertaining the kids (M keeps trying to eat the cauliflower out of the plant) and there is a close watch on our very few strawberries.   Here's hoping the Oklahoma weather calms down so everything can get back to a normal process.

6. Apparently, I forgot #6 initially.  I think I was going to write about my lack of real plans or ideas for Easter. I know it is coming, but am strangely unprepared.  Perhaps because it is too late? Or there is no Rouse event? Or my Dad won't be there? Just not sure, but my Mom and I are trying to pull something together...

7.  Uncle Able stopped by for what is becoming his weekly Tuesday evening kid visit/vehicle washing.  He got to read a new book from my Aunt Laurie The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, which I find hilarious, but may or may not be too old for our kids.

8.  I am finally making progress on our Anniversary party design.  Pondering incorporating burlap. I think my mom might be pondering my sanity.  We shall see.

9.  I've convinced a few of my family members to join in on Recipe Week with some of their favorites so it will likely be slightly extended. I am soliciting any other volunteers and would LOVE some Rouse/Richards additions.  Just drop me an email and I will work it out!

10.  Was feeling very lonely at my job yesterday - no emails, little gchat, no calls---- belatedly discovered that outlook had messed up and was not sending out my emails and thus I was getting no response.  I am feeling much better now after 3 hours straight of conference calls today.  Yes, I am a little weird.

Spring seems to have sprung and I happily have a few more posts headed your way shortly including lovely family pictures!

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Mary said...

Number 6! Where is number 6?! I must know one more thing about your life today or Tuesday just won't be right!


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