Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Family Pictures!

At long last we have our new round of family pictures taken by Heather Warren.  You can find a lovely sampling of them on her blog, but I wanted to add a few here as well so I can find them easily.  This session was a mix of our semi-annual family pictures, B's 4 month pics, M's 18 month pics and photos for Brent and my 10th anniversary (coming soon!-- are you tired of hearing about it yet?)

(There are just so many so I'll stop the sample there-- about 1/2 way through the shoot-- but I suspect you'll see more on posts from time to time.).

I've also added a pretty large sampling in our picasa album here that you can use if you're wanting to buy some of these.  Do check the file names as a few have "web" in the title and are lower resolution so great for websites, but not great for huge pictures.  If you see one you like and would like the full size version or a black and white version I have that too (seriously, the CD had 542 pictures on it!)  Thanks so much Heather.  We love them and will for many years to come!

1 comment:

Fred and Sarah Steffen said...

Beautiful pictures! Your family looks so happy.


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