Friday, May 27, 2011

Awesome Boy Bands

B has a recent fascination with Silly Bandz. He had asked for them several times in the past and I declined. When packing my airplane kit for the trip to meet Cleo I bought a package of ABC bands for the kids to share and they have been VERY popular. Somehow, he got a second Thanksgiving themed set later (not from me) and the delight continued. He has some rather humorous interpretations of what the Thanksgiving shapes are, but then again, who wants a braclet shaped like a turkey?

As you can see, he likes to wear several at once. The coolest thing about all of this---- He shares them with whomever he comes in contact with throughout the day. He gives each of us our share, but seeing him hand them out to his classmates or the child care workers at the Y just melts my heart. I suspect he might get a few more as a reward for his friendly charitable spirit. I love the inherent generosity and sweetness of the simple gesture of him giving away to everyone around him something he thinks is awesome.

I think that you, little guy, are awesome and I am a very lucky mama.
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Brenda Larsen Cohorn said...

I had to chuckle when I read this. After seeing the title, I immediately thought "Backstreet Boys" "N Sync" etc!!!

But love the bandz! My grandkids love them too!


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