Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Brent is here! We are having a great time and trying to just go with the flow. He arrived about 15 minutes before our bus left yesterday, so we jumped right into our adventure.

2. We went to Sonoma yesterday and toured Hafner Winery. It was a lovely visit with beautiful weather, good information and great wine. Afterwards, we wandered Headlsburg and had a wonderful dinner. A great time in wine country.

3. The most beatuiful vistas of the day were in the first thirty minutes of our trip as we drove out of San Francisco. The mountains, water, and bridge just came together to create so many beautiful views.

4. I am in and of the plains. Therefore, in that moment when you are driving along the outside curve of the mountain with the edge two feet ago plummeting into the bay-- I feel just a tiny bit nervous. View is awesome, but still just not a calm moment for me.

5. Today, Brent and I got to spend some time just wandering together. We had sushi for lunch and cream puffs for dessert. A perfect break before heading back into session. (He spent some time alone napping, running errands, going to the cartoon museum and exploring the neighborhod).

6. I spent some time with my panel this afternoon preparing for our session. I have no real clear sense how it will go and am admittedly a bit less practiced in the oral side than usual. That said, there is no material I am as familiar with as this. (My panel is entitled Telecommuting: A Legal Compliance Puzzle).

7. This evening we went to a cocktail reception sponsored by our auditors followed by a lovely dinner at Amber (an Indian food restaurant). I loved getting to spend some time just relaxing with my colleagues and my husband all at once. The food, wine and friends were all wonderful.

8. Tomorrow begins with my panel at 8:30 and then one more session and NACUA will be over and the day of fun begins. We are starting with dim sum along with my friend Erick and a few others from my crew. I am excited to see what culinary adventures Erick takes us on.

9. We've decided to stay in San Francisco after our day in Sonoma. there is so much to see here and we don't want to do more driving right before we head back. Erick has given us great recommendations and I am looking forward to it.

10. We miss the kids. I talked to them a bit today. They had been at swim camp with Grammie and Granddaddy and were heading next to farm camp with Grandma. They generally sound up, although M isn't talking too much. I am glad they have wonderful grandparents watching over them. I know Brent and I will be better for having had this time together and am excited to see them on Friday!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week too!

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