Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week In The Life: Ten on Tuesday

A day late...

Today we're going to focus on relationships and activities more than a timeline, enjoy!
1. Babysitters - Tuesday, M spent extra time with Ms. Kim so I could get my hair cut.  One thing I love about week in the life is that it reminds me to take pictures of my kids with their caregivers.  We've had a wonderful string of babysitters including our current sitter.  M has made several new friends, particularly her best friend Emma.  Every time we drive near May Ave.  she wants to "see Emma."  It is so wonderful for me to be able to leave M with Ms. Kim and know she will have a fun, safe, restful and healthy few hours while I'm working.  Hooray for helpers!
2.  Janna - Next up, B and I headed to Art House (via Sonic) as it was time for a hair cut.  I am lucky enough to get to have my hair cut and colored by Brent's cousin Janna.  It is wonderful to get to spend that time talking with someone I love, sharing the joys and perils of motherhood all while taking care of myself.  Lately, B has come with me rather than go to kidzstreet as he claims he wants to see Janna too.  (He mostly just plays with my iPad or his Leapster, but it is kind of nice to have him along).  Janna and I had a good talk this time and I'm so glad that for the second year in a row she gets to be part of our Week In The Life Story.

3.  Work - Shortly after returning from Art House it was time for me to work.  Tuesdays at work typically feature our Board Prep meeting, which I lead.  It is a stressful, but a wonderful hour or two of working closely with my colleagues on issues that are important to me.  This call in particular always makes me feel more connected and "close" to my team as well as accomplishing a lot in a small time period.  I'm very thankful for my job, my colleagues and the amazing friends they are to me.  

4.  Zumba!  After work, we went to gym day.  For me, Tuesdays at the gym feature Zumba with Mina.  Her class is my favorite of the week because I love the challenge, choreography, energy level and music.  It was very crowded this week, but I had a great time and was dripping with sweat by the end.  Brent works out upstairs in the meantime and is starting to notice that a lot of the people we see there appear at other places around town.  I think our time at the Y is increasing our sense of connectedness to Edmond and that is a good thing.  The kids spend this time in Child Watch.  The benefit of coming a bit more for them is that it is more familiar and they know their care providers.  Of late, they have been doing a lot of coloring and always have new art for us at the end of the hour.   

5.  Uncle Able!  When we got home from the gym, Uncle Able was at our house doing laundry after his big trip to Orlando.  He came bearing awesome gifts - R2D2 Mikey Mouse ears with B's name on them and a princess Cinderella dress for M straight from Cinderella's castle.  I had to leave shortly after we got home, but love that he is over at least weekly and is getting to spend so much time with our family.  It is amazing to have him living near us and joining in our life's adventure.

6.  Drum Corp International show - Tracie invited me to join her for the Drum Corp International Show in Yukon this year at the last minute.  I was late (see 4), but so enjoyed being back in the big marching corp experience.  As some of you know, I marched through high school and also for a year with the OU's PRIDE of Oklahoma Marching Band, which was a phenomenal experience.  My Mom also worked with Pioneer's color guard while I was growing up so I was always around field marching.  Every time the corp would turn toward the audience and blare that big brass sound it is a thrill.  I am a huge fan of the color guard, but something about the blare of brass and fancy foot work by drum lines definitely is wonderful.

7.  Tracie – Tracie and I have known each other since kindergarten.  We have had our ups and downs as with every friendship, but she remains my closest friend outside my family.  We are at somewhat different life stages just now, but I love that we manage to make that work anyway.  She is so wonderful with my kids and patient with my different path and time constraints.  I love that I got to join her for the show and that she shares so many of my joys in life.  Thanks for the invite and the friendship, Tracie.

8.  Our marriage – it is important to remember that all of this is only possible because I have an amazing husband and strong marriage.  Brent absolutely always supports and embraces the things that make me happy – like outings with my friends or a job that requires travel.  He has joined in my gym time and encourages my every attempt at healthy lifestyles without pushing or criticizing.  He is amazing with my kids and that is huge.  I love that our marriage gives us each the freedom to be who we are and do the things we love while feeling truly known, loved and supported.

9.  Our kids – as is clear throughout this week, there is a lot of variance in our schedule.  Days are often quite different from the next and full of new experiences and new people.  Our kids, like us, are not always so into “new,” but have learned to rely on us and each other as we voyage out to try new things and embrace the opportunities that surround us.  They did so well this summer when we were away and are complete pros at helping each other and us.  Yes, we clearly have moments, but their ability to accept, love and learn together with us is wonderful to watch.

10.  Our families and friends – this wasn’t completely evident in a broad sense today, but is always in the background.  You’ll see on this random day we happened on to time with members from both our families and one of our friends.  Being back in Oklahoma makes it so much more possible to spend time with them and with our college and high school friends.  Their presence and support makes our “everyday” possible and wonderful.  Thanks to you and thank goodness for the blessing of the everyday.

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