Saturday, August 13, 2011

San Francisco!

Remember that trip to San Francisco I took and never quite got around to telling you about? Good news! I've been working on the scrapbook pages this weekend as I play along with Shimelle's challenges.  Not so great news, the journaling is hard, if not impossible to read on these pictures of the pages...

Let me sum up - We decided to stay in San Francisco the last two days rather than going back to wine country and had a great time.  We wandered without a plan enjoying the weather, the scenery and the freedom of unscheduled time together.  We saw a lot of beauty and all the "big" sites.  Thanks to the beauty of smart phones, when we had walked as far as we could we just looked up the nearest bus back, walked two blocks and were on our way!  (Technology for the win!)

It took two days of trying, but we did get some good shots of the Bridge and didn't mind at all having extra time to absorb all that blue sky and water (or the Irish Coffee found nearby).

I added these pages in the midst of the above as there were more photos of our walk that I wanted to include and have wanted to try this alternate method for awhile.  I like that there is some art there, but also a lot of images from our long walk that I loved.

 There will likely be several more pages to chronicle our adventure, but I wanted to share my progress so far as I'm really loving the results and so glad that this trip is getting its place happily in my book so soon!

Travel tip:  Trade couple shots with other couples you see wandering by.  This trip, I was even a bit more savvy and picked out others with DSLRs and as consequence got even better photos of our touring.

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Kaatje said...

looks like a great vacation. Love the colours very much


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