Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I made it home safe and sound if very tired after a late long flight.  My last day there was rather eventful as I decided my prep system needed a major upgrade and held various meetings and discussions to improve things.  (Vague enough?) In any case, very busy, focused day and I'm not sure I'll come down from this surge of activity until about October 21--- at which point I'll probably get sick just in time for Audra's visit.

2.  M has been refusing naps the last couple days and it is wearing on all of us.  She NEEDS naps.  She is so tired, irrational, poor at listening and eventually in a best case scenario slap happy.  Not quite sure how we get her back in a groove, but trying a few different things as not napping is not an acceptable option.

3.  Soccer continues apace.  We have a very active social circle in the soccer team it seems.  Brent went out to dinner with some parents and kids after practice on Friday again and we are sort of getting to know people a bit.  B did engage a bit more in the game, although still pretty reticent.  Grammie and Granddaddy were there to cheer him on though and enjoy pizza at Humble Pie afterwards.

4.  Scrapbooking -- I am easing back into it.  Oddly after doing  at least a page a day for almost a month I had a little bit of a delay rejoining the fun after my trip.  So far, more pages about the San Francisco trip, which is oddly looking to be our most documented event ever.  After pondering this, I think it is a combination of beautiful pictures in a limited number and committing to an overall "formula" for the pages.  Each is a combination of yellow, aqua, kraft and Sunflower Sparkle Perfect Pearl Mist.  Granted, the combinations and things making up these categories vary, but for once having a color palette and some basic guides seems to be really helping the creative "flow" as it were.

5.  Cooking - I think a post on school lunches is coming soon, but in the meantime - here are some baked taquitos we tried this week that were a HUGE hit with the entire family and have been great as leftovers and in lunches too.

6.  Fall, I am LOVING it.  It has actually been cool for multiple days and this is totally the way to live.  We even went and bought pumpkins.  We are spending lots of time outside playing and prepping the gardens for fall.  Just glorious.

7.  Subsequently M wants to "visit" or "touch" or "watch" the pumpkins every time we get out of the car.  For some reason, this evening when Brent told her we would just watch the pumpkins we had inside it threw me into hysterics to the great confusion of my children who ultimately just told me to stop laughing.

8.  Running - I'm back on my running plan at last after easing my way back post-costochondritis flare-up in August.  The gorgeous weather is helping a lot and M often comes with me in her stroller.  This is making it more clear than ever that we need a new stroller... Running turns out not to be cheap exercise either, btw.  That said, while I still don't "love" running, I do love the sense of accomplishment/achievement and being outside (when weather allows).

9.  Work is insane-- was that #1? I just have a nuts amount of things to do so I'm working a lot at all times of day.  Not so great and no real end in sight (save that Oct. 21 end date).  Keep repeating "must learn balance" but not sure how feasible it is.

10.  My Mom is off to the STL for the weekend so no farm plans this week.  We have no firm plans other than soccer, oddly.  Maybe Czech festival? See some friends for the first time in ages? Scrapbook? Clean our house? Plaza Festival? Zoo? Not sure, but open to ideas and hope you all have a lovely week.

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