Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ten on Tuesday {DC Edition}

  1. I am in DC!  I actually had a later flight this time and was hoping it would make me a bit more rested and functional when I arrived.  Sadly, B was up with nightmares about a skeleton mouse or something that kept the three of us up in the middle of the night eliminating any bonus sleep and ending the night with him in our bed which never happens.

  1. Have you tried the Salted Caramel Mocha at Starbucks? It is awesome. Thanks to Tracie for the delicious suggestion that definitely made my stop in DFW this morning.

  1. We got to see the Joneses this weekend to our great surprise and delight. It is so awesome to watch the kids play together now that they are a bit older.  I didn’t get to hold Matthew this time as I still have a cold, but he was a happy, adorable little guy.

  1. M, it turns out, really reacts to bug bites.  She had several from playing outside at Grammie’s house and they all were red and swollen just like at the farm last time.  So sad to watch her, and now promising to invest in bug spray of some kind for next time.

  1. Soccer game #2 was a bit more lopsided than the first match.  (Dragonflies were not victorious).  B continues to be a bit timid and trail the action in the game, but loves practice and hanging out with his soccer friends.  ( I did buy a zoom lens this week so we'll try to get you some close ups of the next game).

  1. We had a party with the soccer families after practice last week and strangely enough I met another Mom on the team who also telecommutes from Edmond to DC.  I had rather thought I was unique, but apparently I have at least one person to talk to in a similar situation  (and maybe Oklahoma is just becoming a telecommuting hub?)

  1. Did do my run today even though I was tired.  I had so hoped to run outside to enjoy the city a bit as it is green and cool here, but due to some time zone confusion with my computer worked longer than planned and ran inside at the work gym instead.  Just like I remembered and not too fun.  Glad I got the exercise in, but hope to be outside next time.

  1. After my run, had a bit of a wacky time trying to find my accommodations.  The staff made my reservations “for the same hotel as last time” except that when I got there they had no reservation for me.  I did ultimately figure out where they had made my reservation, but there was that moment of panic like when my plane tickets were messed up years ago and I couldn’t get home.  All is well though.

  1. For some reason, this hotel reminds me a bit of Dad.  One of my regrets is that he never got to come back with me on one of these telecommuting forays and so wanted to.  I’m sure he would have found this all grand, even though this particular hotel is a bit worn around the edges and showing some age.

  1. My colleagues are awesome --- I think I say this every time I come, but it is true.  They always make me feel so welcomed and loved.  I am looking forward to being with them for the next few days as we are good together.  I do already miss my littles and my husband, but know that they are well and good together.

Big thanks to my Mom for watching the kids for the next two days and to Brent’s parents for their help on Thursday/Friday.  Having an amazing group around me lets me do these awesome things.  Thanks to my sister for the awesome post about Zane in the stripey overalls and to Brent for being my happy place in the hard moments and the good ones too.

All sorts of full of gratitude today, it seems.  What are you thankful for today? Have you told someone how much they mean to you? No time like the present.

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