Friday, October 14, 2011

Five on Friday

I'm so excited for a fun family weekend before my trip back to DC and wanted to share some fun things with you too.

1.  Leaf Mask - craft with kids- a very easy process, but a VERY cool outcome.  Take a look!

2. Samaritan's purse holiday catalogue -- I think this would be great for instilling the giving to others concept with kids.  You can request the paper catalogu and they can each pick out something to give to kids that need it a lot more than we need more Lego blocks (ahem).  Then we get to help another family a little this Christmas.

3. Use the Force - If you have a lot of questions about Star Wars and don't have Brent or Erik at your beck and call.  Slate has a new series of posts that answer a lot of those questions little (and ok some of the grown-ups) have too.  Very easy to follow and helpful!

4.  DIY Jet Pack! - I know a few little boys that would love it and seems very "can do"  Blast off for adventures any time.

5.  Legoland Discovery Center -- Have you ever been to one of these? We are going with the Vos on Sunday and it just looks phenomenal.  Like a kid (and many a grown-up's) play space dream.  I'll let you know how it goes, but wanted to share as there are several other locations around the country.

So- go have fun, enjoy fall, and tell me what cool things you've been doing.  We love new ideas for fun, delicious or beautiful things!

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Chipper said...

Thanks for the link to the Star Wars info page. While I am great with questions on the original three movies, and not too bad with questions on the newer three movies, I am TERRIBLE with info for the Clone Wars as I haven't had the time to watch them! My kids however have seen them all :-) A very useful post. Thanks


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