Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ten on Thursday (DC Edition)

Ok, so two days late and who knows how clear, but here we go.

1.  I'm in DC!  I arrived Tuesday to an absolutely gorgeous day.  I took the run through campus I have been looking forward to, had a delicious dinner and a great time all around.

2.  Wednesday was a bit of a fire drill in work world (as often is the case in October).  I didn't get to run and had a so-so dinner, felt a little lonely as everyone was busy, but got a good nights rest.

3.  Today went pretty well.  There is a lot that has to be done in a short span so I'm technically still reviewing things now as they flow by... almost there, but tired.

4.  I did insist on leaving at 7pm to go to dinner with the Kaps sisters.  We had sushi at Cafe Asia and a completely wonderful time catching up.  They are such fun people. I'm so lucky to have so many amazing friends.

5.  I am told the kids are doing quite well.  They spent Tuesday at school and with Brent, Wednesday with Grandaddy (and later Grammie), and then today with my Mom and Grandpa.  Tomorrow, they are playing with Grandma before heading back to the city to pick up Aunt Audra and Zane.  It is fall break this week so we have had even more flexibility/ need for help in child watch and I feel so blessed that our parents could help out and our kids can spend some time with them.

6.  It appears that this weekend is going to be a HUGE Dotter birthday bash.  I think all of my Grandpa's kids and a nice smattering of grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be in Okeene to celebrate my Grandpa's birthday (and other fall birthdays including my Mom and Brother).  Very excited to join in the festivities on Saturday.

7.  I managed to get a flu shot yesterday.  Nice to be able to take advantage of some of the on-campus promotions on the occasions when I am here.  The kids are set for theirs on the 1st and I think Brent got his at school so we're nearly there.  I am a fan of modern medicine, as you can tell.

8.  It is almost Halloween!  People are starting to ask me frequently how the costumes are coming.  I "think" they have settled on their choices after some back and forth.  I believe M will be a black cat and B will be Luigi.  They both have school parties as well as a pumpkin carving party, trick or treating at OSSM and the actual night so if they decide to mix it up with some others costumes from their collection that would be fine too -- all are very cute.

9.  I am told M is a teeny bit afraid of the oil well pump jack which is actually pumping for once.  Mom assures me that B is carefully explaining it to her, but still some hesitance.  A sweet reminder that although she can talk in paragraphs she is still so very little.

10.  Speaking of which, did I get to write about our TX trip yet? No? Hmmm well that deserves its own post, but as a teaser - M & B both got to ride their first carnival ride at Lego land as M was just past the 36 inches required.  They both loved it.  We all had a absolutely fabulous trip and thank the Jones' so much for hosting us.  We'll have more tales from TX when I'm back home with our photos.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.  I'm off to get some rest and get ready for one more lovely fall day in DC before a very late flight home.

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