Saturday, October 29, 2011

Soccer Today

As I'm sure you've noticed, I haven't really blogged that much about soccer compared to the hours a week we've been spending with our soccer family.  Part of the reason is that it has been kind of sad and frustrating.  B wanted to play SO much, but hasn't really "played" so far.  Mind you, he's been on the field a lot, but mostly trailing the action or holding his coaches hand, not in the mix.  Mostly soccer has the look and feel of the first picture here.  Today, that miraculously changed.  Today, soccer looked like this:

Today, suddenly, it clicked.  He ran all over the field, he was with the ball all the time, running with the girls that are the team leaders, in the scrum, falling down and getting back up and running some more.  He loved it.  We loved it.  It was awesome.  His coach was amazed.  He was awarded player of the game.

(Sidenote, the other team was coached by some friends of ours and was amazing, so no, we did not win, but it felt like the biggest victory of the season).

Each week, I take, and delete, many many soccer pictures.  This week, I had a much more difficult time winnowing them back as in nearly every one MY kid is in the middle of the action, kicking, smiling, running hard or just being goofy while the waiting for the ball to be tossed in.  It was an awesome problem to have.  So below is the highlights real from today's soccer for our own very happy little soccer guy.

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

It was wonderful to see him having fun, laughing, watching the ball and reacting, racing after the other team. I think I even saw him try to do a knee bounce once...I do.


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