Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Jogging update - Three more days of jogging and in week 9 of 9 in the C25K program.  The sad part is that with the time change I am having to do more of my runs on treadmills.  This is not as much fun and is requiring me to ramp up my music selection to keep moving for the full thirty minutes of jogging.  Any music suggestions? Today, Eminem, Pitbull, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Pink, and as much as it pains me to admit it Ke$ha were in the mix so you have a hint of my running tunes.  Suggestions appreciated.

2.  There are days when I am scheduled to run and I about the very last thing I want to do is get on a treadmill. the only thing to do on these day is lace of my sneakers and do it.  Those days, I feel the greatest sense of accomplishment.

3.  So, it was natural disasters week here in Oklahoma.  We've had several earthquakes, including a state record 5.6 quake on Saturday evening.  We also have had several tornadoes across the state and flooding.  We even had an earthquake yesterday in the middle of big storms and a tornado watch.  Brent and I looked at each other as the noise began and wondered if we'd somehow missed a tornado warning or if it was, in fact another quake.  Just weird, but we're all fine.

4.  This was the last week of soccer.  B continued to rock his new soccer player game.  He even scored his very first goal!  The Dragonflies were victorious and B had a great fan group including Grandma, Uncle Able, Grammy, Granddaddy, Aunt Jamie, cousin Matthew and of course us and M.  His coach gave him a medal that is awesome and he didn't take off for the better part of three days.  Great fun followed by brunch at a diner in Edmond that my Dad would have loved.

5.  I bought my plane tickets for Rachael's wedding.  B and I are flying to STL, spending some time with my sister and then driving on to the wedding.  I think it will be a good trip and wonderful to see so much of our family and celebrate a wonderful new marriage.

6.  We had book club at my house on Friday as well as all our other weekend adventures.  Book club at my house seems to focus on cheese.  This time it was fondue (cheese and chocolate courses) as well as lots of fruits, veggies, bread, drinks, and treats of all kinds.  An amazingly delicious array of food and a wonderful time chatting with some of my very favorite ladies.

7.  Recipes - I think it has been a few weeks since I've brought you a recipe or pinterest find - today's discovery was Brie and Apple Tarts.  These look spectacular to me and I would have literally made them immediately if I had brie or puff pastry at hand.

8. Have you read the blog Girls Gone Child by Rebecca Woolf? It is an interesting mix of life, parenting, music, and some good recipes from her mom (WWW).  Lately, I've particularly enjoyed her post on the naming her new twins Boheme and Reverie-- so much amazing meaning gifted to two lovely little ladies, and I also recommend her post on mothering girls.  Great ideas here for a wide variety of readers.

9.  (Here I sort of ran out of ideas so this one was suggested by Brent). Fall - has very much arrived.  I am back to my ritual of working daily my GW hoodie and blanket.  The kids always have jackets on and I've almost convinced B to wear long pants to school everyday.  There are a few things still alive in the garden including my just thriving carrot crop that waited out the hot summer.  Several things faded with the frost, but there are some survivors and we're enjoying them while we playing in the windy, leaf strewn back yard.

10.  Cars 2 tour - one of the perks of part-time work is occasionally being able to go to random events that happen during the day.  Our partners for nearly all of these occasions are the Hoppers, which is awesome.  This week, my brother forwarded us news that the Cars 2 promotional tour was rolling through OKC so we all met at the mall, braved the occasional showers, and got to see a few of the cars in person and take home some Cars swag (although they had run out of many things by the time we reached the front of the line).   It was fairly low key, but a nice sample of little fun things I want to do with my kids and they are almost all better still with friends.

So, I'm all snuggled up with my blanket and thinking about opening up my Studio Calico kit for some crafting fun.  I hope you all have a lovely week!


manda_hladik said...

Some of my favorite workout tunes include the up-tempo songs off of The Fray's second album & Dynamite by Taio Cruz...there are more, but I hope this helps you!

Andrea said...

I like Britney Spears - I Wanna Go, Till the World ends, Hold It Against Me; Flo Rida - Turn Around; Hot Chelle Rae - Tonight Tonight, I Like It Like That; lots of Lady Gaga; sometimes Broadway soundtracks, because it's like listening to a story.

Is it too cold or dark to run outside? I hate the treadmill, too.


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