Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Right Now

This photo is so much of me right now. B's shoes were left out overnight and had to be dried and taken to school late so he could participate in gym.  That quick run past the school reminded me so much of why I am so happy to telecommute as well as all the crazy circles we're spinning in these days. 

Right now, I spend a lot of time in the minivan dropping off and picking up. (Roughly 1.5 hours per day).

Right now, I am loving that my work is so close to my kids' schools/caregivers so I can be there if quickly if need be, drop things off, or run home for that forgotten thing and maybe not be late to the next drop off.

Right now, I love that our world is a mesh of boys and girls, pink and dancing shoes alongside star wars and light sabers.

Right now, I'm trying to rebalance and figure out how to make things flow more easily; to make sure I'm using my time well,

Right now, always, our kids need our patience and we need theirs, but that is sometimes hard.

Right now, Thursday is my favorite weekday as we have no activity or commitment, most weeks.

Right now, I create daily activities or errands for the two hours between when I pick up M and E,  and when B arrives home on the bus.

Right now, I'm not exercising enough and missing it so much, but haven't figured out where it fits in the new timeline; soon.

Right now, I am so ready for fall.

Right now, I am loving the rolling thunder and raindrops over head as I sit wrapping up a little more work in a quiet house.

Right now, I'm trying to be in the moment whatever moment that might be.

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Heather said...

This is beautiful, Abbey. When I visited you last weekend, I couldn't help but think how wonderfully full of children your life seems. I know you guys face challenges too (both children and non-children related), but it looks to me like you are living the dream! Great to stop and be in the moment for a little while!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written


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