Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  So the big deal from last week was Everett's baptism and all the related happy visiting with friends and family.  You can read more about it here on my blog, as well as on my Mom and Sister's blogs.

2.  3yo Soccer continued - it went a bit better as this week we had the early game and it wasn't raining.  Still more than a little crazy.  M scored a goal and one of her teammates seems to have mastered the goal scoring drill, which was fun.  M very consistently knows exactly how to line up on the circle. Everyone needs a specialty  right? They had few subs so she had to play the entire game.  Heather, Granddaddy, and the Korenaks watched along with us, which was lots of fun.  The Dragonflies played later in the day when it was much hotter, but it was a quick fun game.

3.  At super-ridiculous long last we finally bought a new grill.  It had just gotten too ridiculous, to the point where we were going to borrow one from Able for the weekend.  Zach and Brent picked out a very simple one that hopefully will work well.  The first round on Sunday was awesome.  My first try this evening was a bit less successful (too done steaks) but I suspect that after four years away I am just out of practice.  The corn I grilled was awesome so that's something. 

4.  These two characters are a riot.  I love watching them play.  M had been preparing all week to share her trains with Zane and thankfully he was into it.  M did manage to run face-first into a wall on Saturday while playing frisbee with the boys, but otherwise they all managed to not hurt themselves, which we consider an achievement.  My kids went sans naps over the weekend and Zane and mixed sleeping results too, but I think they mostly kept it together and just had fun.

5.  I am not good AT ALL at painting finger and toe nails, including my own.  Happily, Aunt Audra is much better at it and gave Lady M a little mani-pedi after the baptism.  M loved it and Aunt Audra did too, but says we need more polish before her next trip. 

6. Able missed out on most of the family adventures this weekend as he had to mind the store.  Here, I'm trying one of the jamaican jerk burgers recipes from Savory.  We had several more recipe test successes this weekend that I will share soon!

7.  Maybe we should count the number of times I've blogged pictures of this chair? (Hint: many!) I just could not resist this beautiful blonde head and blue eyes of LZB and he, of course, could not resist our happy chair.  He, humorously, kept bringing the chair to his mom when she was holding baby E.  He's clearly ready to be a big brother?

8.  Lady M is still thriving as a big sister.  She is back to wanting to hold E a lot and trying to feed him.  We have agreed though that we do need some girl time without the boys and now have matching necklaces because "we are the girls."  

9.  B continues on his bus riding ways.  He rides pretty much every afternoon, but I still drop him off in the morning.  Today, we were slightly late for the first time due to trouble getting out the front door and then discovering half way there that we'd forgotten his Daily Dolphin.  Oops!  Next week we have parent teacher conferences and some of his Grandparents will join him for lunch and book fair fun, which should be awesome.

10.  E@15 weeks:  I am hesitant to mention this week's major development, lest I jinx it.... It appears, that he may have discovered sleeping through the night.  By which I do not mean the silly sleeping six hour jazz people "say" is sleeping through the night. I mean our full on 11ish hour version.  The earliest he has woken up in the last five nights is 5am (he goes to sleep by 8, often earlier).  One day, he slept all the way to 7:30!  We are still in that phase where we wake up and wonder if he's ok and if maybe we didn't hear him, but I'll definitely take it if this continues.  He seems to be doing well with his sitter.  There were some confusion issues with her last week, but we're hoping it will all smooth out.  Otherwise, he seems to be his usual smiley, happy self.  I've been singing to him more while changing his diaper and getting even more smiles in return.  I cannot get enough!  He did very well with all the new people this weekend and everyone loved getting their snuggles in with the little one.  He is so very lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people and so are we! He continues the periodic coos, but rarely cries.  He seems to like to be sitting up facing towards people so he can see them and look around.  I'm still not sure if he will end up sucking his thumb or using a paci, but more and more he spends time with one or more fingers in his mouth.  Sometimes this results in gagging, but he's getting more proficient all the time.  

It was a big week and next one will be busy too so we're trying to relax a bit this week.  Thanks again to everyone for their kindness and support this last weekend and always.
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