Friday, October 12, 2012

12 on the 12th

1.  It was day three of fall break.  B got to stay home alone with me so he had lots of iPhone and Wii game time while I worked -- something about a new dragon game on my phone?
2. E is four months old! 
3.  We did more clothes sorting for E -- Oh, My, Goodness! My sister has a HUGE collection of baby boy clothes.  I "thought" we'd gotten all of the appropriately sized clothes out of this bin, surely, but no, the whole bin is his size.  It is pretty fun, free, shopping when we get tired of his current rotation of clothes.
4 & 5 - M & B took turns trying to give each other little piggy back rides around the house on a drizzly afternoon.
6 - M & B played with F & P for an hour or two again today.  This is becoming our evening ritual, and great fun. (The picture is zoomed out because I have this sense that our new neighborhood friends might find a telephoto a little creepy?)
7.  I went for my mile run after a week of walking on my shin splints.  It felt great.  I promptly iced my shins and M played doctor covering me in kisses, blankets, pillows, and pats.  
8 & 9.  E & Brent had some play time - and sis joined in too.
10 - some puzzle time for B.  You can't see E, but he on a mat in the floor nearby trying really hard to roll over.
11. - Our babysitter sent E home in this Halloween onsie that used to belong to her son. (Because we don't already have enough clothes?)
12.  M helped Daddy give baby E a bath.  Shortly after this she couldn't resist jumping in herself.

And that is our 12 on the 12th for October!  Did you join in? If so, I'd love to see it!
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