Friday, October 12, 2012

E @ 4 Months

I like, as usual, to begin with the picture at three months so you can see him grow.  I can remember still having to work fairly hard to capture a smile last month during our pictures, but now it is routine.  These pictures were just a few days before I went back to work.  It is hard to believe it has been nearly a month.  I think it is going well and we, more or less, have a routine down. 

I had to add this one as E spent quite a bit of time at Savory Spice Shop in OKC visiting Grandma & Uncle Able and hanging out while I shopped.

Next up, his first costume event.  Ok, so it is a bit haphazard, but we attempted to dress him like a leprechaun of sorts for the Paseo Fairy Ball.  B was a much more convincing Elf. 

The big event for E this month was his baptism, complete with lots of family and friends. 

Here he is with his multitasking Godparents - Chrissie, Heather, and Uncle Zach.

One of my favorite parts of the baptism are the family photos after where we capture our new little one surrounded by family and love. (Not sure we did this for B? There was too much chaos that day for sure, sigh).

Two sleeping pictures - both in the arms of people that love him.  E had major highs and lows with sleep this month.  He slept full through the night for about 5 days during Heather's visit and slept very very badly for several nights while my mom was visiting and a few days after that.  He is now on day 4 of his acid reflux medicine and gradually sleeping better.  From day one of the meds his evening crying sessions have disappeared.  So, while I still get vomited on a lot, I am so glad he seems to be feeling better. 

We are still with the "gentle" forumla and he's eating about 6 oz at most feedings.  M continues to be quite the helper and is currently #1 at wiping up all the random spit from his new teething phase.   She is no longer aggressive with him, just happy and welcoming.  M, E, and I like to sing lots of songs together and B likes to dance to music for him. B loves to make him laugh and to tell him all sorts of things about his day.  It is so sweet and adorable all around. and good sibling fun.

Sidelines baby - Most of his Saturdays for the last month focused on siblings' soccer matches.  The weather varied from blazing hot to very cold and drizzly.  We have mastered a system of protecting him from the elements by putting his car seat in the BOB jogging stroller and pulling both hood up to create his own little warm, dry, shaded room.  This works fairly well and on the pleasant days he snuggles with us or plays with his lion friend here. 

This day it was too cold so we literally sat in the minivan and smiled at each other for most of the hour.  He has a large collection of jackets and several fun hats so we've got a fun rotation going for gloomy days. 

The not so awesome sleeping still comes with tired parents.  Here, Brent and E are enjoying an OU football game & napping together (or trying too as M likes to cheer!)

This little outfit was a gift from work friends.  I'm not sure how long it will fit, but is definitely just for him!

We see this look a lot along with the slight sucking on his lips he's doing here.  After my race on Sept. 30 I thought I felt a tiny, teeny bit of tooth poking through.  I'm not sure it is real, but he is definitely teething and gnawing on my fingers a lot.  We really need to find our teething giraffe for him. 

Can you believe this chubby boy is the same oh, so skinny and shorter baby we brought home just four months ago? It blows my mind. (We will have new size stats on Monday after our Dr. Apt.)  Here we are doing our twice daily (or more often) lotion routine as his skin remains a bit scaly and his head still is flaky.  The first day the cold came his cheeks picked up that eczema red that B had.  It was such a blast from the past + more lotion. 

He is oh so very close to rolling over. I really thought he would manage it on his own today. He rolls to his side constantly and then throws his head back.  He likes to sleep like this too, but was so busy with his thumb and trying to the the rest of the way over to no avail. (Ok, so he sort of did it once, but Daddy helped a bit).  When he is on his tummy, those legs just go and go and try to get some traction.  It is a big reminder of how short this immobile period is and that its nearly over.  

This is a very small portion of his wardrobe as gifted from Aunt Audra and his many male cousins and cousins of cousins.  I briefly felt we'd been wearing the same thing a lot today only to discover a huge trove of things we hadn't even tried.  Fun!

In part due to the reflux I suspect, E likes to spend a lot of time sitting up either in arms, chairs, or on our chests.  Yes, we do get spit up on or drooled on a bit, but it is fun and a good way to get ALOT of smiles from our happiest camper.

Good news!  E now tolerates baths a bit better.  He still seems a little nervous as his breathing speeds up and he kicks a lot, but no crying.  That green goo on his head? Yes, our little guy uses Head & Shoulders... per the Doctor's recommendation.  This does not result in a yummy baby smell, in case you were wondering. 

I just came to the stunning realization that I never posted his professional 3 month photos by Heather Warren.  I will try to do that soon, but it may not be until after I get back from DC...yes, I'm somehow going to have to leave this beautiful, snuggly, wonderful small boy for four days (oh, yeah, and the rest of the family too).  The time will fly when I'm there, but it is so hard to go.  Love you so much my E. 

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