Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Family Fun

As I've mentioned before, B's school has a super hero theme this year, which is awesome.  While I was in DC, they had their fall family fun festival, complete with kids dressed up as superheroes.  

She can fly!

I love the contrasting expressions in each photo. 

I had been told upon my return that it was a rough night.  B did that thing he does where he wants do do X fun thing, but then throws a fit and refuses when it is time.  It has been awhile since this last occurred and we did not welcome its reappearance.  He did play this one game involving bouncing ping pong balls into cans of some kind.

The interesting part is that the next morning he both told me he wanted ping pong balls, but also that it had been a rough evening.  We talked about it a little, but mostly I'm impressed he came to me with it the next day. And hopeful, that we can work past this phase some day. 

Meanwhile, Granddaddy was along for the fun, which included lots of standing in lines. 

M had her face painted. 

And ended the night a radiant super girl.  Hopefully our super guy has more fun next year, but in the meantime, they both looked super cute!

(P.S. - thanks to my very own super heroes- Brent, my Mom, and Brent's parents for all of their help to make this week, and its many special events, so special in my absence.  The pictures were a wonderful surprise to return to and we could not do this with out you!)
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