Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

This was a crazy busy day!

  • We began by getting each kid ready for "school."  At B's school it was PJ day.  At M's there was a fall festival so it was costume time. At E's they were having a Halloween party.  Of course two of these required additional treats or other things from home.  We also had to stop by Hob Lob for one last fix to B's costume. At 9:40, I realized I had missed breakfast entirely in the process...
  • While I was working, the gutter removal/replacement people came by for extra noise.  I did make the dough for our family's traditional Halloween homemade pizza while trying to block out the sound.
  • I picked up M from school and oddly, she only had on tights and a shirt-- no pants/skirt/shorts, etc...hmmm. We picked up E, fixed our wardrobe issues, went for a mile walk (that I sold as scouting trick-or-treat routes).  Fixed B's costume, and E rolled over for the first time!  Granddaddy surprised us by showing up and watching the littles while I picked up B.
  • Back at home, Granddaddy and the bigs played LEGOs while I fed E and worked on dinner.  Before you know it, it was time for pizza and telling Daddy all of our tales, then costumes and pictures. Oh, and somewhere in here M decided I needed to be strawberry shortcake too and that she needed to draw on my freckles so look for those in the movie:)
  • Grammie arrived just in time for the photo shoot.  E was not such a fan of his costume, but toughed it out.
  • We discovered that trick or treating was underway so we headed out.  B had his usual tough time at the first house, but both kids were great after that.  It felt like more people were out this year than in past years, but still not too many houses participating.  One house had twin boys just six weeks older than E so maybe we've found some future friends!
  • Grammie, E,and I headed home at the end of the block.  Granddaddy, B, M, and Brent continued on around the otherside before heading home for the candy feast.  Grammie hung out to play and chat a bit and headed home as the bath time ritual began.  
  • This is the first year the kids have enjoyed handing out candy themselves, which was really fun to watch/help with, although one costume did seem to scare M a bit.
  • Everyone went to bed a bit late with LOTS of sugar in their system so we shall see how the night and morning go... 
Happy Halloween!

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