Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I hope all our friends and family in the east are doing well.  I was in tears as I looked at photo and video as the damage rolled in.  All those impacted are in our thoughts and prayers.  If you haven't donated yet, please consider a gift to the Red Cross or similar relief organization.

2. Technically, my job has been closed for the last two days.  However, because I had so much work to do and really no impending storm/danger, I chose to work for much of the time and find myself now with one very large project left, along with follow up on the million emails I sent while they were all out, let's hope the big project can get some attention even once the deluge of emails returns?

3. Work being "closed" did allow me to volunteer to be the parent-helper for M's class at the fall festival (Day 1) today.  Due to the way most of the classes are schedule it happens twice, but everyone in M's class comes every day so they are going to do it twice.... I feel for her teacher.  Most parts, like making her feel special, reading to the class, handing out treats at the "fishing" game and chatting with many of my friends on the staff was lovely.  I did walk away again reminded that working with young children is not the job for me. I am not nearly patient enough, but applaud all of those who do it well, particularly our kids' teachers!

4.  Bonus parenting moment: Today, after school, I took all three kids to Hobby Lobby to buy some materials to repair B's Halloween costume.  In a moment of worry that we might not all make it out together without breaking anything I offered to let the kids pick out one craft item each for our stash.  M picked out a huge sheet of princess stickers (obviously).  B negotiated his way into a mickey mouse head/ears punch.  This is a much smarter crafting choice as it can be used many times. I was impressed by the strategy and let him get it.  Immediately upon arriving home, he set up a craft for his sister with his new punch.  He provided all the guidance and support and let her craft.  Then, he added a few of his own touches to the finished product.  Everyone was happy and kind and he was a great leader.  Hooray!

5.  E has still not mastered rolling over.  We have started having a bit of rolling over practice and M and I are giving him lots of encouragement.  He has tried several new foods including carrots, homemade rice cereal, and sweet potatoes in addition to the original oatmeal. He is doing pretty well, but still just sleeping about 6 hours at a time.

6.  This is our last week of soccer for the fall... at least it was supposed to be.  B's soccer game was cancelled last weekend due to the cold weather.  It is rescheduled for the 10th at a time that conflicts both with his new swimming lessons and the planned trip to Tulsa.  I'm not sure how we're going to work that out.  Meanwhile, he has a double header this Saturday.  I think the team party is in between the games, which is actually excellent timing.

7.  It is definitely fall here these days.  Last weekend, I made Chicken & Dumplings and this delicious quick bread. I realized that these are very much my "tastes of fall."

8.  Believe it or not, today is day 31 (of 32 planned) consecutive days of exercise. I really didn't feel like it today, but probably far to late to not do it.  Instead, I talked with my mom and sis on the phone as I walked and it was fine.

9. We spent most of Sunday at a shower for the Miller Twins.  Will and Kela are very excited to become parents and E is looking forward to two new little boys to play with!  In the meantime, he served as a training baby and got held lots by the soon to be dad.

10.  Here is a moment of hilarity.  We, of all people, have been asked to participate in a Nielsen TV viewing survey for a week in November.  Unless the football game is on TV that weekend the odds of us watching zero TV all week is fairly high.  I told them that, but they insisted... OK, then... weirdness.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and a very happy Halloween. I'm sure we'll have lots of photos coming soon!

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