Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Carving 2012

For once, we managed to actually carve our pumpkins this year, well, we've carved two out of the three larger ones so far.

I think this was the first time B had really been actively involved and responsible for his own pumpkin.  He still is not a huge fan of goo on this fingers, but we taught him some tricks and he persevered. 

M (clad as usual in many layers of fancy) had a little extra help from Daddy, but did get her hands right in there too.
It was not a fast process, as is often the case with beginners.

Brent is a bit more careful carver than I am.  He always draws his designs on first like you're "supposed" to.  In this case, it turned out to be key as he didn't realize M had definite ideas about her pumpkin's mouth that were nothing like his ideas and they were able to work that out with a little bit of translating from me. 

We aren't old enough for the kids to actually do the carving.

B did dutifully stand by while his was carved to offer opinions.  M was inside mixing various spices with me to bake the seeds. 

Here is the finished product and no, I have no idea why B is insisting on having his tongue out in pictures lately. The kids loved it even though it took awhile to get to the finished product.  A week later, one pumpkin is molding and the other was, for some reason, demolished so we "might" be ready for round two?

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