Wednesday, October 24, 2012

E: Meet Oatmeal

E is just past four months and on the advice of his pediatrician we're starting some solid foods already to try and help with his reflux. His siblings, as you can see, were fascinated.

With our other kids, their first trial was with commercial rice cereal.  That stuff is nasty though so we went a different route this time.  We made oatmeal, with a teeny bit of cinnamon, pureed it, watered it down a bit more and gave it a try. He seemed to like it and protested when I stopped feeding him.

We're still working on the finer points, as you might expect, but it went fairly well. 

He was a very cute little bird leaning forward for the spoon or tilting his head back as I dribbled a bit more in his mouth. 

His siblings were super excited about feeding him and just three days later B is feeding him more than we are.  It is so cute, and helpful too!  So far, we're just doing oatmeal once a day, but will try a few other things next week.  It is odd, with the others, we were so eager to try foods, but this time, we were more reluctant as bottles are so easy and convenient.  My, how times change. I suppose it is time to start thinking about which veggies to try next.  Hooray for having some delivered weekly to help with project baby food!
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