Friday, November 9, 2012

Five on Friday

It has been awhile, but I have a few favorites to share:

Gap Pure Body Collection - I discovered these shirts while pregnant and then bought non-maternity ones later.  They are soft, cozy, and very affordable with Gap's never ending sale coupons.  Given my choice I'd wear them everyday.  They also seem much more durable than your standard Target t-shirt.  I've been wearing one weekly since last October and it is still hole free, which is more than I can say for any shirt from Target.

KiwiCrate - I am mildly obsessed with KiwiCrate this week.  It is, at the most basic, a monthly kid crafting kit.  So your kids can get a box with everything necessary to make 2-3 crafts/activities per month (just like I get my Studio Calico box!)  The sample projects look so awesome.  They also have a few stand alone boxes like the Christmas Crafts box (look under Shop).  I think these would make awesome gifts for kids in my life and think we'll send some to our nephews soon! (Hint: if you use my link here you will get $10 of f a subscription and I will too!)

Boots - I have no specific boots to recommend, but want new ones badly.  Any recommendations? I am a huge fan of knee boots with skirts.  They make me so happy.  If you somehow haven't tried this, do.  It is wonderful!

25 Days - December Daily Class at Studio Calico - there are many online December Daily type classes this year, as usual.  I have only ever tried Journal Your Christmas with Shimelle (and will have access again as it is a lifetime membership).  I also have never finished mine before, oh, March at the earliest.  So, this year, I have a printer that will print a daily picture for me at home and this class in addition to Ali Edwards' content to keep me going.  This class also comes with LOTS of digi and silhouette related content for the digi scrapers in our midst.  (I'm not sure it is all on the listing, but they showed the images on the SC Forum today and they are lovely and included in the class purchase).

Toca Boca - These are our new family favorite apps for our phones.  They were on sale recently and we picked up Toca Tailor, Band, Kitchen, House, Robot Lab, Train, and Doctor. Both of our older kids play them as often as they can steal our devices.  I think my favorite is Toca Band.  While it is noisy it is fun to see them build a band out of the various "instruments" (some real, some more creative like bottles or completely imagined).  They pick a singer and the whole composition goes to work.  Toca Tailor lets the kids create and "sew" outfits.  Toca Robot Lab is pretty popular as you build your robot out of components and then get to take it on an increasingly complicated little challenge courses.  Mostly, they are simple and straight forward fun with no later up charges (unlike the annoying DragonVale game that is on my NO list).

What are your favorites this week?

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